Omnipod / Dexcom Integration

Hi guys, we had a meeting tonight with a local group of pumpers and all the of the Pump Reps were there advertising and answering questions about their latest generation pumps. I asked our Rep about the Omnipod / Dexcom Integration and she was able to verify a couple of things. 1) It was submitted by Dexcom for approval in April. 2) They still hope to have it on the market before the end of 2010. 3) It will require a new PDM. Apparently they made some other changes to the programming so that the CGM functions would integrate while with everything else and decided that it could not be upgraded with just a software download. This is kinda crummy for all of us who just bought new PDMs this time last year. Also on a side note my Rep is still promising the 45% smaller pods before next summer. Just wanted to bring you all up to date with my findings!

Thanks. This is all good news. The new PDM will probably be like an iPad. The current one isn’t all that petite. :slight_smile:

I got the feeling that the general casing and whatnot of the new PDM would be identical to the old one. There were just to many software changes to make a downloadable “upgrade” possible.

This time last year? What about 2 months ago???

Grr. Insurance won’t be happy when i submit for the Dexcom PDM and Dexcom system…

If you get insurance to cover it then let us know how. Last time they offered the upgrade for a reduced price (I think it was $150) for current customers. It came out of pocket but I still think it was worth it. They had an even greater price reduction for those whose systems were less than 4 months old I think.

I like the sound of this!!!

I’m with Stephen. I’ve only had my PDM for about 2 !/2 months. And my insurane didnt pay for it. So if I get another one I would have to pay for it again by myself. That kind of sucks.

I just went on the Omnipod and even though my insurance would’ve paid for it, I elected to pay out of pocket via the $300 cut the cord program. That way, I can get insurance to pay for the new integrated PDF when it comes out… hope it’s soon, though. I love my Dex, but carrying 2 devices stinks.

It’s possible that you won’t need a new PDM, just a new version of the software in it. Check with Insulet later in the year to find that out.

Ex-Insulet OmniPod Engineering Team Member

I specifically asked the Rep about that because your version is what I had heard before but she was very certain that we would need a whole new device, not just a software upgrade. I can still hope and pray you’re right but it doesn’t look promising.

Hard to imagine that a CGM will not require some new hardware. Also, It is worth pointing out that many ins companies do not cover CGM and view them as experimental in nature. So, when we see the upgrade be careful to check for that. The CGM portion will require its own sensors which will be an added cost.

We wait and see:)

I have heard the rumors about the joining of omnipod and a cgm. Lots of talk about dexcom but what about freestyle.I did a clinical trial for both and then basically was able to chose after a very intensive trial between the two and freestyle wins hands down…no comparison. Anyone who wants or I should say there insurance will pay for a cgm go freestyle overtime and no I don’t work for about lol. It’s readings are so close and accurate I rarely prick my finger unless it is to calibrate a new sensor which has to be done every five days and the calibration is 5 times in 5 days and three are on day one. If I had to choose ji hope the team up with freestyle to not like their meter is not in all are pumps. I have heard rumors the same thing is happening there. Like I mention I have had both and you could pay me to have any dexcom product, just my preference. I read a lot of negative stuff about freestyle but I was one of the first in the country to use it and to this day still use it. I am actually doing mother trial for their next generation navigator…awesome is all I can say.


In the initial stages, Insulet corp. was talking with both Dexcom and Abbott. I believe Abbott and Insulet may still be talking, but the first integerated CGM/PDM combo will be with the Dex.
It would be nice if they eventually came out with a general PDM that could be “paired” with whichever sensor/transmitter you prefer. I hope it happens some day, so we can have the ‘best of all the worlds’, so to speak, but in the meantime I’m looking forward to any updates they may be working on, including Dex integration :slight_smile:

That would be amazing. I just started on both the Omnipod and Dexcom and love them both. I can’t wait for integration. I have oxford and they covered both as just $30 copays each. Although my premiums are sky high. The omnipod people said they have submitted the paperwork for integration with the FDA for the Dexcom.

I’m not going to hold my breath on OmniPod / Dexcom integration. I love my OmniPod and my Dexcom, but it looks like Dexcom is dealing with some rather serious FDA scrutiny over the last several months for the following:

  1. Failure to adequately submit to FDA reports of sensor wire fractures that occur under the skin;
  2. Off-label usage (i.e., usage unapproved by FDA) in pediatric and adolescent patients, pregnant women and patients on dialysis; and
  3. Off-label usage of sensors in areas other than the abdomen.

I think the most recent letter relating to this is about a month old, and you can read it here – .

Unfortunately, my suspicion is that this will further delay FDA approval of an integrated OmniPod / Dexcom system. Total bummer.

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I’m gonna be really upset if either 2 or 3 result in a delay because those are NOT Dexcom’s fault. Off-label usage either falls on the shoulder’s of the doctors (for prescribing it) or the patients (for not wearing it properly). I mean, if you really want to talk off-label usage, each of us who restarts our sensor after 7 days to get more wear-time out of it is using it off-label. Your first point, failure to report, is Dexcom’s fault though… I really hope it doesn’t delay our integration too much.

I agree, the first issue is by far the most serious of the three issues. The other issues can be addressed through global changes to manuals, labels, marketing materials, etc. I think FDA is ticked because its evidence suggests that Dexcom is aware of the off label uses and (perhaps) is not doing enough to discourage them.

Regardless, all three of these issues will take time to address, and I cannot imagine that this will not be a speedbump in approval of the integrated system given. I am sure that the application for the integrated system relies upon the application for the standalone Seven Plus system.

I agree with both of you because I also love my OmniPod and my Dexcom. When I first started the Dexcom last September my CDE was the one who said ‘some people are wearing the sensors in places other than the abdomen’. While she didn’t exactly recommend other sites, she did not discourage it either. Even though I’m considered obese by my doctor, my abdomen is the worst place for decent readings. I’ve just had too many years of multiple daily injections and too much scar tissue.

As far as the integrated system…at least we can still hope because so far we haven’t heard that the plans for this have been abandoned.

I waited a long time to get a Dexcom because of the proposed integration, and finally said “enough!” in late May and got it.

Now that I have it… I’m not sure I want the integrated version, unless they really make the Omnipod PDM smaller. The Dexcom is about the same length as the Omnipod, but it’s egg-shaped and fits into a pocket a lot easier than the Omnipod PDM. Also, the Omnipod PDM is important… you break it, it’s a real hassle until you get a replacement. I like it in its case, safe in my purse or desk drawer until I need it. If the Dexcom gets dropped & broken, it’s a hassle, but definitely easier to live without than the Omnipod.

I thought it would be a hassle to have two PDMs, but I’m really rethinking that now.

I am in the process of getting a dexcom. I am really curious what you do with it when you are wearing a dress or skirt (assuming you do). I wear business casual clothes to work, which means a lot of skirts/dresses w/o pockets. Any suggestions? Thanks!