What My Omnipod Rep Told Me

The future of Omnipod.

Please keep in mind that she was pretty clear that dates were vague at best and that she was making no promises.

  1. The 40% smaller pod would be out at the end of 2010. Most likely, Nov. Dec. Maybe beginning of 2011.

  2. In the summer of 2010, the dexcom CGM sensors would marry to the omnipod receiver so that there would be only 1 monitor to carry. She wasn’t sure if it would be a software upgrade to the hand held or a $149 upgrade charge for a new one.

  3. There is a big debate over the “artificial pancreas” theory. Those claiming that soon will have a single insertion device for both functions of delivery and monitoring are false. The main setback is the accuracy of a glucose measurement so close to the delivery site. (mini med tried to tell us they were a year out for this step!)

Probably all info you already know. She says that she works directly with the engineers and the development department. Who knows.

It’s always good to have an update so thanks for the info. Anyone else feel like every update they get pushes the deadlines back by another 6 months? At least we know they’re still working on it. If they ask for another $150 for another PDM next year I’m gonna be kinda ticked after just having bought one this year though. It’ll be nice to see the changes when they come. Thanks again for the update!

Thanks for the update.

That’s largely in line with what I heard from the third quarter Insulet conference call. If I remember correctly, FDA submission for the Dexcom / PDM combo is on track for end of the year 2009, and FDA submission for smaller pods is on track for mid-2010.

Based upon my experience with regulatory approvals (and 20 years of waiting for a closed loop system that was allegedly going to be available 10 years ago), I would be pleasantly surprised if we saw either smaller pods or CGM integration on the market in 2010.