New Job , new people , to tell or not to tell that is the question

SO im starting a new job on Monday ... im pretty excited but nervous at the same time ... its been 3 years since ive started a new job and i have to now explain to an entire new group of people that i am a diabetic . i got use to everyone already knowing i was type 1 ...

i need some suggestions on how to kind og burst the bubble and let the new people i work with know that im type 1 .. im not ashamed that i have type 1 bbut sometime i get these ignorant stares when i do come out and tell people i am a diabetic or when they see my pump ,..

suggestions appreciated !

Hey China: My advise would be to let your immediate supervisor know … in the event that you do have a problem. But please read the link that another tudiabetes member sent to me. It may prove to be very helpful.

Congrats on the new job! Julieann