New part time job! Advice please!

Any other teens who have a job? I got the job but didn’t tell them in the interview that I have diabetes. I need advice on when to tell them when I go in today and who I should tell. I’m meeting with my manager soon and don’t know when I should tell him. Today? Beginning or end of the meeting? If anyone could give me some tips or advice that’d be great!
I’m working at a bowling alley if that matters…

hey susanna, i'm sixteen so yes i'm a teen but never had a job before but i think you should tell your managers straight away, as they say honesty is the best policy, so if you go on breaks to check your blood sugar or take your shots if you use them or feeling low they can understand and i also think that the job is like school you spend certain hours in a building and then you go home and i'm sure they won't mind you working there even with diabetes.

I think it would be best to tell your manager as soon as possible. When I got my first job I made sure that my manager knew I had diabetes so that they were aware and able to accommodate me. If you need to check your blood sugar or have a low it’s important that you can take care of that at work. I hope you have good luck with your new job:)

By law, they cannot NOT take you because of your diabetes. Obviously you can do the job, or they wouldn't have hired having diabetes has no bearing on it. As well, it's not that you lied...after all, no one asked you if you have diabetes, or any other ailment...did they?
You just want to make them aware, as you will have to check your bg etc during the day.
You can do the job like anyone else.
Employers hire people with a whole variety of conditions. You have nothing to worry about.
I'm sure they prefer you being up front.

I've never had a real job, but last year I volunteered at an elementary school for a couple weeks. I never really told anyone I was working with that I had Diabetes, but several people asked about it when they saw me giving myself shots or checking my BG, and a few asked about my medical ID. I just told them about it then and it worked out fine. :)

hey :),
i'm 16 and have a job as a waitress, i was the same as you! i didn't know if i should of told someone about it or not. i never told my boss that i was diabetic until he saw my pump months later, he didn't really react and looks as though he just accepted the fact i was diabetic. i work mostly at night (6-9pm) and haven't had to much trouble with my diabetes (except for one time i was low, and i was quickly stuffing my face with glucose tablets when a guy can up to the till, (so awkward!!)) but they generally don't judge. i think now i should have just mentioned that i was diabetic to get it over and done with and just incase something happened. if you have any questions i'm here :)