New Medicine

This forum was started partly because there were several of my posts creating heavily emotive reactions from people and TuDiabetes decided to begin a forum for discussion about other methods of dealing with disease. I am extremely happy to see TuDiabetes being open minded enough to bring other forms of thought and information sharing within its confines. I believe it is part of a new beginning for us but it does not and cannot BE for everyone NOW, so if you find yourself not wanting to open up in this forum that is ok. Everyone has a path to take and everyone has specific battles that must be fought, even if it is for a lifetime, for this is what progresses humanity, as a whole, toward the higher dimensions of life. In short, you are part of the process, regardless of where you position yourself with your medical situation, and you are necessary and worthy, regardless of your current path. That said, allow yourself the freedom to begin taking real steps toward healthy living and thinking and do your best to do it in your own time and on your own terms (do not allow anyone to tell YOU what YOU have or ARE). Understand that we have allowed the word ‘diagnoses’ (and the words following it) to tremendously limit our beings’ capacity for healing. Psychosomatic research is already showing this.

Because of the overbearing amount of western medical influence (economic, institutional, personal) in the world, I do not know what to expect to find in this forum. I hope we do not find banter for quick natural remedies or faddish answers by people who do not understand their bodies. I also hope that we do not find doctors re-iterating what they have learned in medical school and perpetuating the same forms of medicine that are beginning to show extreme signs of wear amongst our species in modernized countries. Looking at the body as only a mechanical device has become outdated. If anyone does not realize the downward spiraling of health amongst us and only wants to continue the path they are on, please do not post or read here as you will only find yourself getting angry, further influencing any body situation you currently have and further diminishing the chance of letting someone else begin a new path of life outside of the system of medicine we are all bombarded with. The only outside recommendations I will make in my posts are either to books that I have read or companies that I purchase herbs from personally, none of which I have any affiliation with. I will not provide ‘substantial evidence’ or lab tests, or peer reviewed studies on the things I talk about, mostly because when you begin a new way of thinking this material is non-valuable to you (it is an old way of thinking and will stifle new neural connections) and also because such information is extremely oppressed and instantly vilified by society itself (as we have seen in some posts on this network) and also by the economic proponents of western belief. Notice the word belief. Western medicine (when dealing with chronic and autoimmune disease) is a belief system (as is alternative medicine). Trauma and emergency is in a different realm. Fixing broken legs, gunshot wounds and giving immediate care is nothing short of miracle work by ER doctors, but as soon as one is stabilized it is my belief that he or she should exit the ER and step back into what many are calling New Medicine. If it weren’t for the advances in emergency care, our Iraq would look much more dire with a higher level of casualties than we currently have. If it weren’t for western medicine in general, we wouldn’t be able to begin here anew and learn that there is a specified area for it, as just mentioned. So I say thank you to everyone that went to medical school and thank you for the people dealing with disease today and tomorrow.

To continue, the most important thing one can do when beginning his or her phase of New Medicine is to read. Read books that are of foreign ideas and read books that open up new thoughts for you. If there are 400 people in a room and one of them has an idea that sounds different, someone should listen to them because everyone else is just reinforcing the same beliefs in the old circle. No new things will come of the old circle, just a continuation of the cycle. Which do you want to be part of? It is your choice.

If you do not read, you will become eventually become (or continue to be) reliant on outside influence, of which is usually of an economic one (ie, your bank account will diminish), and also a physical one (you will rely on somebody other than yourself to tell you what you need to heal). Disease is not our enemy. Fighting any disease gets a stronger fight back. Disease needs to be viewed as an expression of the body for change; a change back to the balanced system that potentially lies within itself. Suppressing the disease (symptoms) only causes more turmoil and, later, a stronger catalyst for change. These stronger catalysts are more commonly known as complications. The never ending cycle of suppression with drugs and surgery have caused chronic diseases to reach epidemic proportions amongst us and it is now time to begin learning how to create our own health without interference from authoritative organizations and old belief systems.

I agree…:slight_smile:

Hello Next Diamentions:

Depending on the kind of diabetes one had I would think would make a meaningful difference as to what one might “try” as an adjunct. I am a huge fan of western medicine, it has kept me alive for decades.

But as a T1 my entire life, I love things “proven” before I “buy in” ~on a hand~ as they say? There are all manner of Eastern physical activities which even severed from their cultural context or original underpinnings are worthy of lots of scrutiny & curiousity…

Tai Chi Chuan, a martial art of the PRC. Many different versions, lots of different flavors modern and ancient but have withstood investigation as to “improving balance” in older people. It is slow moving, but deep muscle exercise even done by DVD, if that is the only method available to teach us in the short term. Increases blood flood in/to the feet & hands done carefully and that’s only the slow motion version!

Hatha-Yoga (Union of Body & ?) of India of which there are numerous other versions, that lack the physical movement practice we’ve surely all seen at some point, someplace. The postures done carefully perform the same function, increase resperation, and more oxygen in the blood stream does good things for circulation.

Fortunately both activities were observed and documented during the British Empire. As such, an old eastern methods/practices scrutinized by western science for at least a good century. Explain, examine, explore.

I’m a fan of alternatives, but don’t believe most “grand claims”. Show me… I can be convinced.