New Medtronic BG requests

I recently started a new proactive approach to my Medtronic 670G / CGM regemin. After almost one year on the system, I have concluded that it wants to keep my average BGs at or near 150. To “combat” this situation, I started “bolusing” (actually fill cannula) 0.75 units whenever I notice my BGs, when there is no insulin on board, and my BGs are in excess of 130. As a result, I have reduced my average BGs to about 137.

However, I have noticed that I now get many more requests to enter a new BG. I simply enter the current reading on my pump and it satisfies the pump, but it is annoying when it happens twice during the middle of the night. Apparently, the algorithm dosn’t like maintaining BGs under 120.

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I don’t want a pump deciding my insulin flow. I do that myself and have been since '96. It’s not that I’m against newer tech; it’s that the tech isn’t what it is cracked up to be. I HATE that they bandy the term “closed loop” around when it is hardly that. It is partial at best, and dangerous at it’s worst. The sensors aren’t accurate enough for safety and the algorithm’s aren’t adjustable to individual needs.

I have a 670G but I will never use their infernal sensors, which of course means I eschew Auto Mode. I prefer the Dex G5 and I’m fine having a 670 that I can adjust to my liking.

I’ve been seeing this, but its been mostly due to goofy sensor readings.