New member looking for help in developing tighter glucose control

Hello, my fellow group members - glad to be here.

I've been a T1 for 2.5 years (which makes me a LADA). My doctors have always been proud of the responsibility I've shown, but I feel I can do much better. I'd like to develop much tighter glucose control, and avoid my swings into the 200's several times a week.

Since this group is about flatlining, I must assume there are people here who have read a book, taken a class, etc., and learned how to bring their baselines much closer to a non-diabetic level.

If you're out there, I'd love to talk with you and learn more. Please let me know!

Thank you, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend. :-)

If you need help, a great resource is Gary Schiner's group. He helped me keep my blood sugars in tight control via phone calls and emails..also the Dexcom helps as well...and Gary kept allowing me to stay on the same food and calorie regimen that I am doing now. His group is made of CDE and nutrionist and Gary and the girls in the office are type1's. they help people all over the world. Gary has a great book called think like a pancreas

Great advice, Jm, thanks. I actually have "Think Like a Pancreas," and am just beginning to read it. Someone else said he has a more recent and better book called "Until There Is a Cure." Heard of that one?

What does he charge to get those services you describe?

I think it is on his website.. I did this about 8 years ago, so I am sorry no idea of the all things in life, I probably thought it was to expensive, and then after I got the help,.. I thought why did I not to that sooner.. he really helped me out with some issues, back then I was giving myself multi-daily injections and I had no idea how much "insulin on board(IOB)".. that is what I love about the pump,.. did shots for 20 yrs, and now with the pump I can at least see that I still have some insulin working from the last shot 3 hours ago..let me know if you take this offer, just curious also what is the cost and if my recommendation is good