New Member to Our Support Group for Spouses of Diabetics

It started in August of 2007, three friends went out to dinner - had a great time and talked about lots of different things; family, friends, work, children, health and yes, diabetes and our husbands. All three of us have a husband with type 1 diabetes. Yes, we planned this get-together, it's been something I'd been wanting to do for a long time. Since then, we've met every 2-3 months and catch up on each others' lives. Yesterday began a
new chapter in our "support group" - a new member! Yeah, we now have 4! She was a perfect addition (unfortunately, one of the original 3 couldn't make it). She brought new life and new conversation to our group. I couldn't be happier.

My husband was not thrilled when I started this little quasi support group (I say quasi, because I am not qualified to lead a real one). To date, he still is not sure about it. He thinks we sit around and ■■■■■ about our
husbands. Quite the contrary. When we're not talking about our kids or our jobs or some other subject, we tell each other stories about what goes on in our lives. We talk about how we handle certain situations and we learn new things from each other. Best of all, we get each other - we understand how each other feels - we support each other and we are happy to have someone who understands. I have talked to many friends and family members over the years about my life as a spouse of a diabetic, but they don't understand me like these girls do. I couldn't be happier with the way the night turned out.

One more may be joining soon - hope so!

Wonderful! Wish my husband had a group like yours. He shoulders being the spouse of a diabetic (me) alone. I know it’s a burden on him, though he’d vehemently deny it.

That is awesome. You are an inspiriation. Since you have become the spiritual leader, you might find the information in this booklet on diabetes support groups useful (

So, I just have one more question. When is our next meeting?

Thanks bsc, I love the booklet - somebody spent a lot of time gathering info for that publication. I will keep it as a reference for all of us. Our next meeting is June 16th - if someone is in the western NY area, we’d love to have you join!
And thanks Gerri - coming from a PWD, it really means a lot that you can support this. I don’t consider it a burden either; a burden makes it sound like something I’d rather not have in my life. I am happy to have him as a husband and a partner - his diabetes is only one small part of who he is - and he is the most giving and caring man I know.

I know this goes back 10 years but are you still active in this support group? I’m the Type 1 diabetic but my sweet husband could sure use a support group.