New Omnipod PDM

So last night I had the opportunity to play with the new Onmipod PDM, and I was not impressed. First off, we need to carry a device which, in this case, is an android phone, and also we need a meter.

Of course, the interface looks completely different, modern, touchscreen, but at the end of the day, my question is WHY can I control my pod from my phone?

We were told there will be 2 apps, one for the pump user but the user will not be able to take any action, it is only for viewing purposes. And there will be another app for “followers” so they can see iob, last bolus, basal, etc.

I know it is progress, but super slow pace!


I just started with the old system and am hoping to stay with the old system. Hopefully??!!

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How did you get to do that?

My daughter has had her Omnipod for about 2 weeks now and so far so good. had no idea there was a new one already out. She has an iPhone so unless there is an app for that we’ll hold on to this one.

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At Friends for Life, they had them on display there.

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Would you upgrade without getting to try it first? I definitely would not.

I wonder if the option to try it will be given.

Not sure if the option will be given, but I was told it is a NO CHARGE switch starting January for current users.

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My understanding is, you order new pods you will receive the new PDM. The old pods will still be made, so if you dont want the new PDM I think you have to simply keep ordering the old pods.

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Yeah, I am just wondering about the option to try it out in person before you switch. I think it’s crazy to get any pump that you haven’t checked out first.

I actually looked at them all (medtronic, tandem, animas, omnipod, roche). I didn’t just look at brochures from the endo’s office.

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Reps will have them I think.
You made me laugh. My first pump, Minimed 508 in 2000. I selected because the Endo’s receptionist had one on and I thought it was pretty. LOL…Then I discovered she was wearing blue and I accidentally ordered teal. Oh my…


Is this it?

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I have been hoping and praying for a one to one sync with MY phone for years. I HATE having to carry the PDM around as it is, and now I will have to carry two phones… makes no sense at all. I have been on the Omnipod so long I have 3 PDM’s because once they go out of warranty, I get shipped a new one. Still using the original from years ago with two brand new ones in the box. A crippled android phone to control my Pods is just plain dumb. May have to get the boys at XDA to look at it and see if anything can be done to move the app to my phone - then it would be fantastic!


The reason they put it on a crippled Android phone is to get it through FDA approval. At the moment, FDA will not allow a diabetic to control the delivery system via a user’s phone. The reason is that the user phone may have other apps or devices connected via Bluetooth. The FDA believes that because of this, and because of users updating phone operating systems that haven’t been verified, there could be interference and unreliability.

By locking down the phone, there is no possibility to have anything else interfere with the delivery system. Also there is no ability to update it with a new operating system that has not gone through FDA approval.

You won’t be able to move the app to a new phone. They have integrated it with the Android OS, so it isn’t just running on top of a “plain Jane” Android OS.



Pic by Diatribe!


So this is not making me happy, at some point it probably will.

But I’m thinking of a friend in her 50’s that has never gotten a smart phone yet and doesn’t want one. Her husband is a tech expert, but she has never wanted one. My sister in her 60’s doesn’t even have a mobile phone, she just has never wanted one although lately she has finally mentioned she might. My mother in law in her 80’s just has a flip phone and has no interest in changing it. There are people out there that just don’t want to learn a smartphones technology

But I am thinking of all the older people generally, and that the Omnipod was just ok’d for medicare that don’t use smartphones. So hopefully they understand this and keep making the “old ones” to replace any that break.

I bet it supplies more and easier information and programming, so if they link it to an iphone I might want to switch. Everything on one device might be kind of nice. I haven’t figured that out yet.And I gather it’s on an unusable (crippled) Android phone so right now it’s just instead of a PDM? Hmmm

I just started in May with training. The rep said many people are going to want to stay with the older PDM because of the built in meter. I like the current PDM, and have a stash since someone gave me two more, so I hope to stay with it. With the Medicare acceptance and all that going on, I sure wish the price for the old pods would go down. I would love for them to be considered pharmacy, and not DME. My biggest worry is not being able to pay for them now that I like them so much.

The Omnipod has literally changed my life for the better. There is no discounting that fact. Upgrading the PDM is a plus - I get it, but I am very unhappy that they could not find the technology in 2018 to let me use my own phone, and not to be forced to carry another one. I’d rather keep the 1990’s looking PDM for now. I have to carry my regular phone, plus my stupid work phone, and now a 3rd? Not impressed, not happy, and really disappointed. Sorry folks, but this is a step backwards. Does not even have a meter.


??? Not understanding you preferring Omnipod to be covered under Pharmacy instead of under DME. Don’t know your age, etc but I’m on Medicare and under Part B (DME) I obtain my Insulin and test strips covered completely. As I understand it Omnipods are only covered under Pharmacy and, in my own case, is very costly. Should it be covered under Part B I’d be very happy.


Not eligible for Medicare yet. A few more years. But my HMO is charging under DME. I had to pay $295 for the first box, need to pay another large amount for the next box and then pods will cost me $88.50 per box until January. Heaven knows what will happen then because we have to renew our plan. My DME this year is 30 percent, and our deductible is $500 for each of us. Hubby met his, I have not.