New Omnipod user


My daughter just started the Omnipod. So far so good. Still messing with it but I think she is going to like it. It’s our first attempt at a pump.

Question - those using Omnipod - do you know if there is any recycling program for the pods? It seems like such a waste to throw those batteries away when the pod is only used for two-three days.

I am saving every pod in a plastic container I have talked to insulet about recycling and they are working on some kind of program for this. they are also working on a smaller version of the pod hope to see it Q1 or q2 next yr. There is also a Sub forum on Tu for Omni Pod users there tons of info and personal experiences on there

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I actually just received an email this morning about their new recycling program. Should be on the website. If not, call and ask.

Thanks to all that replied! I’ll definitely look at the website again. Seems like such a waste just to throw all those batteries away.

It’s definitely been a challenge but we’ve only had it for a week. Last night I was frustrated and said, "okay, we are giving this six months before we give up (issue with changing basal rates - finally figured it out) and my daughter was like, “um, no, I like this and it’s going to work” so obviously she is more positive than me!

Nice to hear about your daugther! thats great!


We don’t use the Omnipod but have been pumping for 3 !/2 years. I always say it is a lot of work to get it set up with basal
rates and sometimes different rates for boluses, but how wonderful when it is set up and works. Stick with it - I am not sure how old your daughter is, but the ability to dose exact amounts, cut down basal rates if need be due to activity are just a few of the great things I love about the pump, We are constantly doing delays because my son is in puberty, but I am so pleased we have the flexibility of a pump . Good luck, nancy

You may have seen it announced…Starts in August…I struggle with the same thing unitl the announcement. It is also posted on the company website.

Here is the link about the disposal program, for those that have trouble finding it on the web site:

It is not a complete recycling program; they do pull out some of the metals that are recyclable and then “pulverize” the remaining parts o minimize landfill impact.

What was frustrating you? the basal rate thing? I am thinking of the pod. Had she been on a pump before?


The most frustrating part is learning how to use the meter as you are learning about basal, etc. We spent one night trying to change the basal rates only to have them disappear as soon as we were done programming them. It was user error - we were hitting save everytime instead of going through all the hours and then saving. Also, our nurse gave us timeframes to change but then missed a time frame so the omipod meter kept correcting it for us (we were missing six hours). Once we figured that out and how to change stuff in the meter, it really has been easy. She has an appointment in the next couple of weeks and even though it’s only been 2 months, I know her AC1 is definitely going to be lower. So, long story short, I would recommend it. This is her first pump - I only wish we would of done it sooner rather than 3 months before she leaves for college!