Omnipod user

I would like to share with you my experience using the Omnipod Insulin Pump.
I was diagnosed in 1995 @ the age of 25.In late 2005 I decided to give the Omnipod
a try,having never used an insulin pump prior. My A1C when I started was 6.9 which is not to bad,but was trending in the wrong direction.In Nov. 2007 my last A1C
test was 6.0! In the last two years,life with diabetes has been alot easier.
When the Omnipod is working properly,it is the best thing in the world! With the exception of hot tubs,you can swim,shower and live your life with very little
limitations. It even makes going out to dinner more enjoyable with it’s discreet
bolus features. However,with the good comes the bad.If you have a high blood sugar reading(anything above 250)the pod is slow to bring it back down.
When this happens I use an elevated basal rate and manual injection with a syringe. Pod malfunctions are some what common and Ihave had to send back
whole boxes at a time. I have had pods alarm upon filling,pods alarm because
insulin delivery stopped,pods that the needle that inserts the cannula didnt retract,
pods that didnt beep after filling,pods that after filling would not communicate with the PDM,and one pod that the needle popped out just after removing the plastic cap to place on my body. In fairness,all Omnipod customer support reps are Omnipod users and give very good tech support even after hours. Also,Omnipod
will always send me replacement pods for the ones that malfunctioned.
In closing I hope that sharing my experience will be helpful to people and I am willing to talk with anyone who so desires.

I have heard nothing but bad things with Omnipod, from the pods falling off, to the pods not inserting correctly. Either way, I will start by saying that Omnipod has just informed most of its customers that they may not be able to continue to replace malfunctioning pods due to the sheer number of problems. But I guess if the pod is for you, then the pod is for you.

I wouldnt be able to function.


I read your email on the issues associated with omnipod and will appreciate if
you clarify the message to help me understand better on the malfunction of

  1. what is the max bolus setting and what is max basal rate setting for omnipod ?

  2. what is the pod alarm and what is the malfunction of the Pod when it is filling ?

  3. is it the air bubble or the deformation of cannula needle cause the occlusion ( insulin stop deliverying ? )

  4. the pod did not beep after filling is because the disposable did not engage/latch properly ? is it has something to do with the user friendness of the filling operation or the disposable part associated with latch lock
    mechanism is out of tolerance ?

  5. why the pod failed to communicate with PDM after filling ? is it because
    of the improper latch/engage during the installation of the disposable part ? or
    the RF hardware failure associated with PDM or the RF hardware failure
    associated with pod ? any speculation ?

  6. how does it happen the needle popped out just after removing the plastic
    cap to place on your body ?


That is really strange. I have never heard this from any one including the support people from Omnipod. They always replace pods, no questions asked. I had a problem on 2/29/08 and they replaced the Pod no questions asked as usual. I hope it isn’t that you have a particular bone to pick with them and are starting false rumors. No pump works perfectly every time and while I have a few more incidents with Omnipod than with my Metronic pump I would never pick it over the Omnipod.

I’ve been looking into this device. I gave up my minimed because it was like being on a leash all the time. This looks easier to manage. ai talked with my CED- and she says this is one of the 2 that she recommends. This 7 injections + 4-6 finger sticks daily is getting old.

I have had the Omnipod for a tear so far and have been unhappy. So many things go wrong pods will not fill they fill then an hour later there is some wrong and it stops working. Yes the company replaces them but it is a pain. I am changing this month

I agree with Steve. Every pump has its drawbacks. It’s all about what is most important to you in your diabetes care. Just today, I was shopping and thought to myself “I can’t wait to get the Omnipod” because my MiniMed Paradigm kept getting in the way. I almost ripped it off accidentally. I have used a MM for 8 years now and I can’t wait to try something new.