New on Pump and need advice

Hi, I will be on the pump in a couple of weeks, and I chose the omnipod. Will anybody tell me about your experience with it? I am very excited but nervious at the same time. I been type 1 for almost 17 years and getting start with the pump is a whole new world for me. Thanks



Fax the numbers to your endo until you are both satisfied that the rates are set correctly, follow the instructions for pod set up and enjoy!
If you have any questions call your rep, or the customer service people and they will be happy to help. Pinch up when you do your site changes if you are very thin.

We have been happy omnipod users for 7 months now, and are so glad we went with them!

I dont have omnipod i have Cozmo. Regards just remember you now have a flow of insulin 24/7. As to your shots would trail off after awhile, this caused me a lot of Hypos, but you will Love a pump because your now completely in control and the possibles are endless.

The nedtronic was my second option, but I have a students that has it and she is doing pretty good. Thanks for sharing this with me, and I cant wait to have mine!

Myriam, welcome to podding. Most likely Insulet will make you get trained first before actually starting to use it. People that have already been pumping and then switched to Omnipod usually go ahead and set up their system using their old settings(basal rates and I/C ratios…). You’ll be tempted to start using it before your trained…DON’T.

There is an OMNIPOD USERS GROUP on the site. Please join and post any question you may have. For that matter post anywhere on this site and you have many people willing to share and help.

Earlier I posted much of my experience on this thread

Omnipod is not for everyone, but I hope that you have as good as an experience as I have had.

Robin, thanks a lot! How do you like yor pod?

It is great. Totally changed my diabetic life.