New Product - Riced Cauliflower

I haven’t tried it yet. Frozen Riced Cauliflower, lightly sauced in a Italian cheese sauce. 3 servings per bag, 4 grams carb each. Found it in the frozen food section at my local Shop-Rite. I’ll report back.


I’ve seen this on Facebook, but haven’t seen it in stores here. I hope they have a plain one, if it does come here. It would be a lot easier than processing my own cauliflower. Hope it tastes good! :slight_smile:

Trader Joes has a similar product. Then again, I usually just run a head of cauliflower through my food processor and save on the “processing” fee :slight_smile:

Cauliflower has become my go-to base for anything where I normally would cook with pasta, rice, or potatoes. I find the riced cauliflower to make a suitable, if very different, rice substitute.

Costco also sells it now. In a two-pack of course.


I have used the non-frozen from both Trader Joes and Costco.
Also found a mixed ‘rice’ bag that includes cauliflower AND brocolli, that I like the best.
I will look for the frozen, and maybe try that, so can have some on-hand, that won’t go bad.

I got a new Instant Pot cooker for xmas, so trying out several new recipes using them (easy to add, even for recipes that don’t call for it).

Haven’t tried it yet, but thinking of adding some to my next batch of scrambled eggs and salsa.

I love my instant pot! It is probably my favorite kitchen appliance…

Our Costco just got riced cauliflower, it’s kind of chunky (makes better hash browns than “rice”) but sure is convenient. Ricing the cauliflower is kind of messy. Normally I’d use chunks in a blender with water. So being able to pour it out of a bag is kind of nice.

I love it. I ate the entire bag one night. I can honestly say that is not a good idea. I mean overall it can lead to a not so wonderful outcome.

Needless to say, since then I have tempered my enthusiasm for the product as a single serving.


What are the best ways to cook with riced cauliflower?

I’ve been looking at this for several weeks in the frozen aisle. I even have a coupon. But I have not bought it. I have a food processor and find that using the shredding blade works great for making riced cauliflower. Riced cauliflower is a great substitute for rice in indian or chinese meals. It can even work in sushi. I find that it is important to not overcook it and it is best served right after cooking. I don’t think it reheats well, it often can lose it’s consistency. I will either microwave it in a covered container or steam it in a strainer in a pot on the stove.

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@MarieBim so glad you brought this up! I’m excited to see how others use it! We should have a TuD cauli cook off!
This is one of my favorite foods! I am so glad it is becoming easier to find. Trader Joe’s has it both freash and frozen, but is often sold out! Our regular Albertson’s stores now carry it. As @Brian_BSC mentioned it is yummy as an Asian dish substitute (ahi and fried “rice” last night!) I also scarf it down (as @Rphil2 has! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) with just butter, salt and maybe some parmesean.
On a stranger use… oatmeal!! I have put SF Waldens pancake syrup and walnuts on it and it serves as a morning “filler”!


That made me laugh out loud @Laddie! I always want “just a little bit o something!” Just me and hubby! A one pack of 3200 individual servings! Lol. Costco!

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@cynthia_rogers, thanks so much for the rundown and the appetizing picturesI Can’t wait to try some of your ideas. All of them look great - but I like the simplicity of the butter, salt and parmesan one already! Like @NOLAbetic, I am a Trader Joe’s aficionado, so this will be on my shopping lst for my next visit:-)

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These were yummy and husband approved today!! I used the riced cauli that @MarieB shows in her photo. It was 2 bucks at Walmart!


Wow, this looks spectacular. I can’t wait to try it.

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that looks spectacular! beautiful photography too. what’s the little gravy on top?

Wow, @cynthia_rogers, I need to try all of these ideas! I tried to buy cauliflower today but the store was sold out (the regular kind, we don’t have the riced one here as far as I can find). So I’ll have to see if I can find some on Tuesday, which is the next chance I’ll get to go shopping.

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Lol! Thanks @MarieB it’s just a little hot sauce on top! Cholula! :kissing_heart:

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Tried it in one version. Found it inedible. But interested in all these diverse ways of using it…

What brand is your new instant pot? I’ve been thinking of getting one.

I have the duo 60 - if you cook a lot at once you might try the 80. I got the one that does bluetooth but don’t really use it from my phone at all. It is my current favorite kitchen appliance! There’s a facebook page where people post tons of recipes. Some of them go a little overboard and do things I think would be better off in a regular oven or stove :slight_smile: