New program

This week I started a gluten free diet. I made this decision after seeing an acupuncturist who we discussed my thyroid issues and he determined that yes it was rather sluggish. He feels that by doing this I can kick start my thyroid back into working order so I can lose weight again. I had been rather frustrated as I work out 5 times a week and try to eat pretty healthy but I have not lost one ounce of weight. I have definitely lost inches but that’s not going to help me get off my meds now is it? So I am trying this for two months along with some Thyroid specific supplements which I had started before I saw the specialist and I am losing inches again already. So we shall see. It’s really not as hard food wise, just harder finding stuff. I’m going to have to do more shopping at Whole Foods now. Can’t wait til we get the Trader Joe’s down here.