Update 2/4/09

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good 2009 so far. I can’t believe it is February already! Time sure flies.

I have completed 3 weeks of my gluten free way of eating and so far have lost 10 pounds! I am so excited over this you have no idea. It really makes me thing I am finally accomplishing something. For months and months I’ve been working so hard in the gym and trying to eat right (so I thought) and people were exclaiming “wow, you have lost so much weight!” and really I hadn’t. I was just losing mass and reshaping. And then everyone says “oh don’t worry about it, muscle weighs more than fat and as long as you are losing inches it’s ok.”

But from a Diabetics standpoint, it’s NOT ok. Because when I lose the actual weight then the closer I am to getting off my oral medication. I had lost 30 pounds last year just from walking alone (9 miles a week) I got bored with that and decided to get back to the gym (I took a year off due to a bad knee sprain and also my membership expired) I go in 5 sometimes six days a week for like 90 minutes doing cardio or weights and I was eating so good (so I thought) and I didn’t lose one darn pound. I was thinking to myself, this just isn’t right. Something is not working here. So that’s when I went to the Chiro/acupuncturist and we talked about my history. So he decided that doing a gluten free diet might be just the thing I needed to get things back into working order again. And here we are 3 weeks later and I am 10 lbs lighter (YAY!)

So, needless to say I’m a pretty happy camper these days. All my hard work is finally paying off. And eating this way really isn’t hard at all. Just like anything else you have to read the labels. And if you shop at Whole Foods, just go to the customer service desk and they will print you a list of the products they sell that are gluten free. You can’t get much easier than that!

ouch that sucks about to no weight loss.

don’t get discouraged. one question though, have you talked to a nutrisionist? Mine helped a lot. Basically it’s a carb thing with me and she said most other diabetics too. And depending on your height and current weight your intake lowers for weight loss and maintainence. As you loose weight your food intake will drop more to loose weight than when you get to the weight goal they’ll up the intake.

I started at 1500 for a week until I talked to the nutritionsit when she dropped me to 1200. i got again on the 16th, i think she’ll prob drop me to 1000, i’m already kinda doing that anyways cause now i can’t eat as much.

hah yah i just looked at gluten free diet and yah that’s kinda what i’m on. stuff with gluten is on really low intake. I’m basically only eating 2 slices of bread a day.

Well the thing is with me, I go to the gym about 6 days a week and 4 of those days Im doing weights so I need protein and stuff to fuel the muscles. That’s all I eat is two slices and that’s not even every day. And what I do eat is gluten free so it has made a big difference. I have a nutritionist but I haven’t seen her in awhile. Im going to make an appointment to see her soon but I feel like what Im doing now is working well for me.

basically what i eat is by portions and for food and bulking high protein is needed. My nut has me eating basically breakfast- 2 carbs 1 oz of meat. lunch 3 oz of meat, 2 carbs 1 cup of vegitable, same for dinner. the biggest thing to realize is what equals a carb. if i have a glass of milk that’s a carb, fruit = carb and different fruits have size portions of what equals a carb. my nut gave me a great sheet of conversions. if you want i can scan it in and e-mail you a copy of my diet and the conversion sheet. it’s worked really well and the protein has helped a lot with hunger. i don’t have hunger at all. and i’m allowed 3 snacks a day but haven’t needed it at all cept 1 snack.