New pump from Mini Med and CGM

I talked with a mini med rep who told me that a new pump should be out soon, he then said by the end of the year. Does anyone know anything about this new item? I am ready to upgrade and am tired of getting a new pump then having the new model come out the next month. I know they have the upgrade program but why should I have to pay more for the upgrade than I did for the pump? I have very good insurance. I also am being pushed by my doctor to go with the mm and their gcm. No trials from mm, but they do have a return within 30 days. Any comment on either question would be great. I have been diabetic for 37 years, blood sugars very wild. Mainly due to having trouble with sites. I am currently using the 515. Nobody really wants to give a trial they just want to send out paper work to send me a new one. Cindy

I don’t know how “by the end of the year” and “soon” should be measured. The “new” MM pump is called a veo and it is now available in countries other than the US if I remember correctly. Your rep should have a more accurate date to work with imho. The new pump has an automatic shut off which is the only big change that I noticed, I think it might have improved basal abilities as well but not too sure, otherwise it is a paradigm and still has the cgms capability. If your bg control is “wild” I imagine this is why your doc wants the cgms on your pump. What is the problem you are having with sites? Another pump won’t likely resovle that, really.

site problems are as follows I have a lot scar tissue on tummy. Legs are to big to wear jeans and site, I am limited to hips and upper buttocks. It usually takes me up to three tries to get a site in that does not hurt. If the site hurts when placed I have learned by experience that I might as well remove it. Most of the time I have hit a blood vesssel or have bent the canula. Then I may only have a day of good absorption or I may have three or four really good days. I have learned to leave it alone until it does not work. I have tried the sure T in stomach and hips sometimes it works sometimes it does not. My endo thought a new pump that would give smaller basals might help get better control. I am also scared about the scaring from the CGM’s, my site placements are slim as it is. The wilds are due to absorption, sometimes it does sometimes it dosen’t. I also am fighting with a inside job for this part of the year. I usually am outside surveying during the spring, summer and fall. I will also go for days having great livable blood sugars, then it is like a switch is turned I will either run really high or really low for a day or two then things level back out. Dosen’t seem to change with activity or food, My doctor told me I would just have to live with it. I have no complications with kidneys, eyes, just old age(49) and peri menopause. I would like to blame what is happening on the last statement but I have been this way for years. But now it is effiecting my work. OR at least the Govt thinks so.

All the pump companies are close mouthed about release dates for the next model as far as I know. You’ll know a new model is out when it’s announced.

I also got burned in that the day I got my 715 pump under warranty/insurance Medtronic released the 722. I had to pay full price for the upgrade. I was not happy. But since my warranty will be expiring in a few months that does mean that the 722 has been out 4 years now and so they’re due to release a new pump.

The Veo now in Europe was rejected by the FDA which is one reason it’s taking so long.

I don’t plan to get a new pump until I see what’s being released this year. I’ll use my pump out of warranty.

Animas and Omnipod are supposed to be integrating with Dexcom if it’s the CGMS you’re interested in. I’m not sure that changing pumps will help much with site failures though. I also heard that Medtronic’s next pump is supposed to have the smaller basal and bolus increments like Animas does. Again I’ll believe it when I see it.


Thanks for your imput. I also am going to keep my pump until I see what else it out there even out of warrenty. Thanks for your imput. I know nothing will help with the sites. I have talked with the designer of the orbit 90. He sent me a box of sites I just haven’t tried them out yet. They are suppose to be a smaller guage, and I had to get a different syringe/resevor to work with my pump. Orbit is suppose to have the smallest site available. The orbit 90 is not it, its the same size as mni med quick set. I just need to try it out.


Hi, Cindy,
I just got our daughter on CGM and the rep. told me that scar tissue won’t build up wearing the CGM because nothing is being infused through the site. That’s one of the reasons I went for it, because I too was concerned about good sites since she’s only 4 and has a smaller body to work with.
Hope this helps.

I’m a newbie (not yet 2 years), but definitely have my opinions.

I began with a MM 722 and about 6 mo. later decided to try a sensor. I was not informed I had other options besides MM. I would tell you to explore your pumping options… obviously I don’t know your doctor, but remember, unless he or she pumps themselves, they’re not getting first-hand experience with the machine. In reality, we diabetics are the experts… not just the doctors/nurses/nutritionists/etc.

I was not happy with MM for many reasons (but if you are, as many are, more power to you! we each have to find what works best for us). I switched to a OmniPod but have still been using the MM sensor. I have some real issues with the MM sensor. IMO, MM is so far behind in their sensor technology. This is so baffling because they are the wealthiest pump company with basically unlimited resources. I suggest reading a few post from each of the sensor groups here on TU. I also hope you get some great feedback on your discussion here.

Best of luck to you, Cindy :slight_smile:


How is the CGM going? I just have not kept up with anything lately. Do you have problems with the bleeding and brusing. I seem to read a lot about disatification with the MM - CGM system. I am waiting for the new VEO and then go with the CGM. My doctor says she has read really positive things about it and I seem to read more negative than positive. Thanks

I have MM CGM and the 722 pump and I love my pump as it does everything I need and My CGM I usually have no problems with but last week it really bruised the junk out of me. the needle gauge is bigger then say the dexcom or free style but it does not hurt me. I get accurate readings and do not have to worry about the tylenol as with dexcom you do. also I do not get scar tissue from the sensors but only from infusion since it is putting meds into my body. you will get the best readings with your sensor in your tummy nut I have found the back of the arm works good for me so I can save the good spots for infusion.