Quick advice needed

I have 4 infusion sets left. That is 12 days for me and I need to get in an order. Have been rationing out pump supplies since I retired, as I have to pay out of ocket for them until I meet my deductible ( which will be this month).

I am currelty using 9MM Medtronic Minimed quick sets. I have been quite active this summer, and have lost about 8 pounds. I find that I am getting a lot of crimped cannulas with these sets, more so than before I lost the weight. I do rotate the sites, but find that I am still getting those annoying, the-pump-will-not-tell-you-about limiteddeliveries:The flow of insulin is not comletely stopped, so I do not get a NO delivery warning. Been getting a crimped cannula and faulty delivery at least once a week now. It is quite aggravating. Should I try out the silhoettes infusion set samples I have?;or change back to the 6 millimeter Quick sets which I used when I first started the pump? Or use other suggested infusion sets? I am moderatey active: aqua aerobics, gardening,walking, will be getting a new bike soon. May take a spin or Zuumba class in the Fall.
Would appreciate a suggestion before I turn in the order this week. I will have to pay out of pocket, I think, and am just getting enough to last through the month. Question #1 :Which sets for the shortterm ( or long term if I stay with the MM Paradigm 522?)

My pump warranty is up, and I do not know if I will stay with the MM once the insurance deductible is met. My Insurance, Medical Mutual, will pay 80% of my pum supplies,including the price of a brand a new pump, then. I want something that has a less fussy and more reliable, integrated CGMs than the MM; and I am willing to wait for it,a bit. But I have to get it this year when I have the 80% coverage. I go back to paying a high deductible in January 2013. Question #2 Which new pump/CGMS for me? Minimed 523? Wait for the new CGMS with the more reliable sensors that is available in Europe? should I wait for the Integrated Animas with DExcom?.. Or stay with the MM 522 indefinitley?

Thanks TuFamily, for your concern and input.

God Bless,

I've never done it myself, but I heard MM will send you samples of their infusion sets. I switched to the 6mm a couple of years ago, and I get a lot less crimping. sorry I don't use a cgm and I use Accu-chek pumps, so can't help with that.

Yes!! Call Minimed RIGHT NOW and tell them you are having issues and need some samples. I actually just blogged about this (see http://mybustedpancreas.com/2012/08/07/infusion-set-tango/). I was having the same issue with my Mio sets. In certain areas of my body, the canula was crimping. It usually did not kink enough to totally obstruct flow, but I would notice higher-than-normal BGs and would pull out the set to find a kinked canula. I called Minimed and they were great - immediately sent me out several different sets to try.

I think in my case, the kinking was due to lack of fat in some areas. I never have kinking issues in my tummy with the 9mms, but do when I use my upper thigh, side-butt, or back side. I tried the Sure-Ts (which don't use a plastic canula, but rather a steel needle) and while they were ok, I did start to feel the needle on the second day and just didn't really care for the design in general. The QuickSets were my favorite because they stuck to me without any issues, but they do have the plastic canula which can kink. I also tried a 6mm Mio in my sidebutt not long ago and that one didn't kink.

So....in my case, I think I'll use 6mm canulas in my less-fatty areas and the longer ones in my tummy. Also, I am going to get some Quicksets because those really just stuck to me better (and I loved the design).

As for which pump....I've been really happy with Minimed. While the Animas Ping does have some allure (namely, the waterproof feature and color screen), I think for now I'm sticking with my Revel. I may consider the Animas/Dexcom pairing when it comes out, but for me, I need a pump that is flawlessly reliable, which my Revel has been.

One consideration - if a CGM is your goal, the MM CGM is currently not that reliable. It's good for identifying patterns and trends, but the Dexcom is going to be a little more accurate. BUT, for now you'd have to deal with having two separate devices. If you switch to a Ping now, they will upgrade you when their integrated pump comes out.

Does anyone have news on developments by Minimed? When they expect their next generation pump to come out? And what it will include? I'd really like to see Minimed include some of the features the ping has (color screen, remote bolus feature from meter, and total waterproofyness).

Consider design too. When I tried on the Ping, the one thing I didn't like about it was the design. The cap that the tubing goes through stuck up so that when it was clipped to my pants, it dug into my side. Super annoying!

When I was using MM I had the exact same problem and I switched to the silhoettes. I lost about 10 pounds and then the quicksets just didn't work for me. The silhoettes worked WONDERFULLY I would suggest the silhoettes. I have since switched to Animas Ping which I LOVE and use Dexcom. From everything I have heard the Vibe (integrated animas and dex)will not be out in the US for a while so if it has to be integrated I think MM is the only option but I have heard terrible things about MM CGM. A lot of kids from camp switched to MM so they could have the CGM/pump and then hated it so stopped using the CGM completely. The main complaints I hear from camp is that it is not accurate, its too slow and it HURTS. I personally do not mind carrying two devices and I love both my Dex and my Ping.

Thanks so much, Marie, My busted Pancreas, and Kendyl for your quick reponses!! I am going to the minmed site now, will look at the current infusion sets, 6mm length and will ask for a sample pack; then I can use them until I decide which ones to order for the short term. Hate the crimping, so I have to go back to 6mm. My fatty areas are thighs and butt, not around the waist and abdomen, so I may need two separate lengths for both better stability and absorption.

Thanks for the input on the pumps. Will do more research before I make an order a newer onebefore Dec. 31, 2012. Got to call my third party supplier ( EdgePark) and find out what pumps they will cover. I cannot order directly from MM anymore, so I do not know if I will get ANY discounts for upgrading....Trying to stay positive and I am assuming I will get one and that they will be up to date on the newer models.. Hope it is not too much to ask..

God bless and thanks again, all

Your August 7 blog was RIGHT ON TIME FOR ME, MyBustedPancreas!! And people sometimes question why I believe in a Higher Power other than fate, luck, chance, or simple consequence. I got a lot of the info I was looking for, You wrote it just on the day I needed it, and you had it right there for me!!..Things that do not "make me want to say hmmm".

God bless,