New Pump Insight

New to this site. Came upon it searching for info on pumps. Does anyone have any advice or opinions to share? I currently have MiniMed Paradigm. Due for upgrade. I'm between Omnipod and MiniMed 530G with Enlite. I have a demo Omnipod now and it is VERY liberating. However, I've read multiple bad reviews. Love that the 530G comes with sensor. Anyone LOVE Omnipod out there?

there's a lot of info on our pump resources page

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I've had Minimeds for 12 years, and have been open to switching next year when my warranty is up. I've met a few Omnipod users. A couple didn't like the "hump" on them because if it gets jarred it can detach or bruise, and a couple liked it because they were super athletic and they liked not having anything that could potentially dangle. The others were kind of like "meh" and tried it for the novelty. I can't speak for Omnipod, but I have heard several complaints from Animas users that their customer service function really needs improvement. As much as I would love for Minimed to get with the times and evolve the case shape and go to touchscreens, I'll probably stay with them.

This is great! Thank you. Being new, it would have taken me days to find it! Much appreciated.

Thank you, that was helpful. I'm so comfortable with Minimed, I'll probably stick with them too!

I use both the Omnipod pump and Dexcom CGM. It is the only pump I have ever used. I love the freedom to be able to stick a pod virtually anywhere on my body there is a bit of fat, including but not limited to "the girls", thighs, calf, back, butt, arm, abdomen, love handles. I appreciate the continuous insulin delivery because I do not have to disconnect when I shower, swim or get in the hot tub. I started the Omnipod in May 2013 and initially I had some occlusions and pod errors and alarms and higher blood sugars than I was comfortable with which made me really question my choice. Now that I have been using the system for more than a year I am totally in the groove. I haven't had a pod error or alarm in ages. My basals are tweaked, my CGM stays in a flatline most of the time, and my last A1C was 5.5%. I have had excellent customer service from Omnipod and have no complaints. While the Medtronic 530G with the integrated sensor technology sounds like a breakthrough in diabetes management, the Enlites are consistently rated below Dexcom in every category especially accuracy.