Switching from Omnipod to Minimed 630G

Hey Everyone!
I’m looking for (recent) input on switching from Omipod to Medtronic 630G.

I have been on an insulin pump for almost 10-12 years now?

I started out on a Medtronic 507C (They were the only insulin pump available in Canada at the time), Switched to Animas and have been on Omnipod for the past 5 years. My warranty is up in July and I have to chose to stick with Omnipod or switch to Minimed.
I’m liking the features of the 630G but haven’t been “tethered” for quite sometime.

Has anyone else made this switch? Pros? Cons?
How do you order your medtronic supplies in Canada? How is their customer service?

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

Minimed 630G

The 630G is integrated, and my understanding it is only sold that way. Are you also interested in using the integrated Enlite CGMS (older version) with it ?

Minimed 530G

The 530 pump is more similar to the 507 (and the current 522 that I still use).
I think they may sell this as stand-alone pump, which is what I may consider, to use with my Dexcom for CGMS.

This is what is available in US, not sure about Canada.

In Canada, CGM’s aren’t covered unless your private insurance approves. (This is currently in works, I think)
So my plan is to use it without the enlite sensors.
I’m not opposed to the 630G but more so scared of being anchored by tubing again after so long without it.
I guess my real question is, if anyone has switched, did they regret going from tubeless to tubed.

Im in a similar situation to you. I went back to using a Medtronic Paradigm pump after using the OmniPod for almost 4 years and it wasn’t a big deal. I never minded the tubes much though. Honestly I would just go back to the 507C - smaller size, less confirmation screens and button pushes! I’d take that pump over the 630G any day if those were my options!

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I’m in the opposite spot as you, @Trays3. I’m on a Minimed 522 and the BC provincial gov’t has just this week decided to cover pump costs (YAY!), but ONLY for the Omnipod, so I’m looking at switching (not happy about it). I don’t much care about the tubing. If I get an omnipod I think I’ll want to tether the PDM to myself to myself with a watch chain, I’m so terrified to lose it the way I often misplace my meter!!

I love that the new Minimed has the option to have an alarm go off in a preset window of time. I want to ensure I never forget meal insulin (which somehow happens a couple times a week with the chaos of family, lessons and meal time). I also want the feature where it turns itself off in the night if it detects on ongoing lows (with CGMS). I think in Canada you can get it with or without the sensor option.

My concern with the Omnipod is it feeling like I’ll pull something so big off my leg every time I drop my pants. And that the alarms will go off and be hard to silence. An I like the quiet vibrate setting of the Minimeds. And the needles are shallower. Those are MY fears, feel free to allay them!

Lastly, I get all my supplies as a regular prescription at the pharmacy. I always give them 5 days notice to ensure they have got everything in stock. I always order 4 things: test strips and insulin, 90 days of Minimed Quick-sets (the tubing and cannulas) and Minimed Reservoirs (that attach to tubing and are inside the pumps). I find the quick-setter totally painless.

Happy to talk pros and cons about both systems. Cons of Minimed - I do hate going to the lake where I have to leave my pump on the beach (trying to find someone to watch it for me while I swim) and too long at the pool (+2 hours) and the loss of basal will effect me later on so I need to take a bolus when I first get out.

(Ha, I just found my old 507 in a box @Scott_Eric! Maybe I should pop a battery in it!)


I just started the Omnipod May 15, and have to say, it is the best thing I ever have done for myself (after using Animas and Medtronic for years.) The misconceptions I had about the system turned out to be many. You can wear the pod just about anywhere, none have ever come unstuck for me. The angled insert is something I have always used, so for me to be able to have this automatic insert is great. It doesn’t hurt, and I have had way less occlusions and issues with sites. As long as you pay attention to the reminders etc, you don’t have much chance of the thing going off on you. I have had one pod alarm for error, but it was due to be removed in a short time anyway and I think I accidentally knocked that one loose. The PDM is no big deal. They give you a case so I keep a case by my car keys and I keep a spare case upstairs. I have only gone out one time without taking the PDM. I messed up one pod when I was first starting out and I had one that was giving some odd highs. They sent me two right away, no charge. Excellent service. I’ve been pumping for 18 years, and to have this new option is just wonderful. I don’t miss the limiting infusion sets. I’m going to be very very upset if I ever cannot afford the pods. They are not cheap here, but boy I do love them!


I’ve used OmniPod in the past but am back on Medtronic. The only time I miss tubeless is when I’m swimming with a one-piece suit. On the OmniPod I could use my arms but unless it was cool weather with long sleeves I hated nosey people asking me “what’s that?” And I was always stuck clipping the PDM to my belt during the day.

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Thanks everyone for your insight. After looking at what’s coming down the line for both companies, Omnipod and Minimed, I’ve decided to go back to Minimed and maybe revisit Omnipod in 5 years. The advantages of using Minimed are just too many for me to pass up right now. I know the Tslim is going to make an appearance soon but it just doesn’t suit my needs atm.