New Retinal Specialist -- Big difference in hope

So I went to my retinal specialist two weeks ago. He was appalled at how much loss I have had since my laser procedure. My B/G’s are pretty good, and A1C’s are better than they have been in many years… but the retinas are getting far worse despite aggressive treatment.

I had decided to get a second opinion. Here’s why. I could SEE before I went for my first laser procedure in about April. After each procedure, my sight has deteriorated so much, I’m no longer able to read without extreme measures. Right now, only my computer screen with very large print does the trick.

Something was off with my relationship with the doc – he just seemed impatient with me – why should I question his recommendations? I don’t know… sight gets worse every time I get a treatment – and he tells me this never happens so fast.

So I had news of a specialist two hours east of here. I made arrangements to see the new guy, brought along my records, and got a very different experience. New doc confirmed that the treatments I had been getting were the right course of action, but he was just more patient with me, answered my questions, and confirmed that my misgivings were understandable. Based on what I was experiencing in his presence and with his staff, I decided to begin to work with him – THAT DAY, he did the next procedure – worked me in because he didn’t want me to have to make the trip.

This procedure was far more painful than the previous treatments. When the tears spilled down my cheek, this kind young man wiped my tears instead of just handing me a tissue.

The prognosis is the same. The treatments are the same. But I have so much more comfort with the person giving me the treatments, that I’m willing to make the trip. I’m so lucky to have people to help me with the driving.

In the mean-time, I’ve got to find a way to make some money… and get out of the house. I’m bored and lonely. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do something about that.

And on another note, have just held my newborn twin nephews. High-risk pregnancy but everything so much better than expected. They were 6 pounds and change each – one 10 ounces bigger than his brother! Since the mother was a little thing before she got preggers, can you imagine how big she was! But she has been the picture of calm and gentle confidence through it all. Nothing like the miracle of health to make you appreciate it a bit more.

Glad you found a physician/practice that treats you well:) It is so important given what we need and the emotional toll of it all. Take care Janet…and I hope the treatments help you to see better.

What a comfort it is to find the right doc! I’m so glad that you followed your intuition and that you found such a compassionate doc. Even when news is difficult, it’s a lot easier to take when it’s delivered by someone who genuinely cares about you. Give yourself a pat on the back – from this Janet. :slight_smile: