I spy with my little eye

I’ve always had really REALLY bad vision. Fantastically bad. I’m lucky that it can be corrected, but without my glasses or contacts, I couldn’t function.

I used to dread going to the eye doctor. I’d put it off until my prescription became really ineffective. Until reading signs became a problem and movies were a blur. A visit to the eye doctor meant those hateful lines of letters and an undeniable feeling of failure. The doctor, so close to your face you can smell him, asking you “Number one, or number two?” I never knew the right answer, I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to walk away with my stronger prescription and let that be the end of the torture for that year.

I wasn’t really looking forward to today’s eye doctor appointment. This would be my first since being diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Now we’ve added new things to worry about - retinas, pressure, diabetes-y things. Doctor’s appointment - boo.

So imagine my surprise when my prescription comes back improved and retinas are declared very healthy! I still had to endure the “Number one or number two?” ambiguity. I still felt like I was giving the wrong answers, disappointing my cute new doctor with every new line of text. But this one had a happier ending that I’m used to, so that pretty much rocks.

Love it when a doc appt rocks! good for you.

the same thing happened to me! except in my case, i broke my glasses and had to rush to the optician. he wanted to make sure i was getting the right prescription and it went down by 150 points. plus, my retinas are fine.