New sensor failed!

My daughter was diagnosed in November with type 1 and we got our new g4 yesterday. I fumbled a bit on the insertion and after the stress of getting it on, the darn sensor failed! I tried to call dexcom but there were 29 people ahead of me on the phone. Not. A great way to get started… We will try again tomorrow.

During insertion, did you depress the plunger and then, keeping it in place, pull the ring back?

Depressing the plunger and then withdrawing, without first pulling the ring back, will result in a sensor that fails during calibration (because it leaves no sensor under the skin!) I accidentally did that once.

Not sure what you mean. I followed he directions step by step but the error could have been mine I suppose. I need to get it right as she is a bit afraid of he whole process…

First few times are scary. I did the same as Biomuse. Dexcom was great and shipped replacement kits.


Sorry to hear about the malfunction, whatever its cause. After a few times through it is easy as pie to deal with -- takes me all of 4 seconds to peel off the backing tape and get it onto me. Shoop shoop. Before you know it your girl will be able to manage it herself. Good luck with Dexcom.


Here is the best sensor insertion you tube I have found, the fact that it is done on a little kid made it that much easier to insert the first one myself at 51 years old. Dexcom has been very good at replacing failed sensors, but I would call during the day, and take the call back option, leave your phone number and they will get back to you, otherwise it can be a long wait on the phone.
The kid is 3 years old ! Good luck

So I am getting my new G4 too. I am a little surprised the training they are offering is mostly web-based, did you do this? I really need to be under the guidance of a rep or doctor for the first one or fear I will fail too! I was told if I do, you can call and get a replacement. That being said, 29 people deep for technical support.....not cool!

I inserted the first sensor myself without any issues. I watched as many videos as I could on the web and it really wasn't that difficult. A couple of days later after I inserted the sensor I met with the Dexcom trainer at my doctor's office and since I had already "done it myself" we just went over the software and the various reports I could download. This is the first piece of D related "hardware" I have had in 37 years with T1 and if I can do it anyone can.

Thanks good to know as I am a klutz!

my nickname growing up was clumsy Clare so I can relate to being a klutz

We lucked out with Kennedy’s first one! We read the tutorial, and winged it without our doc, was spot on by the second day! Thanks for the call back tip, I will do that next support call, they are really slammed now, huh? I sent email about tape not sticking but haven’t heard back yet

We just tried again with a new sensor and are anxiously waiting for the 2 hour mark to see if it will work… Keep your fingers crossed!

Just in case you get another sensor failed on the first try, don't yank it out immediately. Leave it in, I think you may have to go to "stop sensor" (so far I have been lucky with the G4 and have not had a sensor failure screen). Wait - maybe 2,3 4 hours - overnight if it's close to bedtime and then try a start new sensor again. Sometimes it takes a while for the sensor to get wet enough to be able to read and it sure beats pulling one out that may turn out to be good without making sure. Also, while the poke is usually minimal, I still use a ice cube across the insertion site prior to my insertion - ice, dry, clean with alcohol, and be patient because it may take a while longer to dry but make sure the site is totally dry before inserting as instructed. May help make it a little less stressful! Good luck!

I was 64th in line. Be sure and ask for the call back on your phone number rather than waiting. I called 3 hours before they closed without an response that day, but they called the next morning.