Dexcom sensor fail on insertion

I’ve been using the Dexcom for almost two years now. I’ve been placing the sensors on the back of my arm for about the last 7 months. This evening I was doing a routine sensor change. About ten minutes after insertion, I checked to be sure it was communicating. I noticed instead of the green circle I had an hourglass symbol. About twenty minutes after that, I got the sensor failed message, replace sensor. So I did another sensor change, and got the exact same result. So I broke down and used the abdomen for the third change (I like to save that area for infusion sets) and it seems to be working. Any ideas from other Dexcom users out there as to what may have happened? I will call Dexcom in the morning.

I recently placed 2 sensors in my abdomen ..both ended with the sensor failed message . They are replaced ; here in Canada replacement is handled by Animas . I told the USA chap , how I administered the sensors ; he commented , that " they need to ask the questions " ( he mentioned FDA) and that I had not erred . Now I am due and ready for the next one next :)

My daughter is on dexcom and she has trouble at times with the sensors. If it is not clicked in correctly, or when I see the hour glass or ??? Marks, I turn it off and start it up again and that works for us. When you give dexcom a call they can walk you threw the problem you are having. I hope that helps…

Thanks for the response. I hope I don’t have a bad lot of sensors.

I have tried to restart but when the sensor fails, that seems to be the end of it. I’m always careful to make sure I get the double click when I insert the transmitter into the sensor.

I was advised : when it shows " failed message " it is the end !!! ; no use restarting " ...but worth asking the question ??!! Dexcom has awesome customer Service !!! ...I am a Medtronic Veo pumper , used the Enlite cgms ...not a happy Camper ..glad I was offered a trial with the DexcomG4 !

Wish you well !!

My experience with Dexcom is that they will replace sensors pretty easily. I've only had one that was bad from the startup. Dexcom didn't even ask much, they just said they'd send a new one ASAP.

Thanks. I also have experienced the excellent response they give in these situations. They didn’t hesitate to replace the two that failed on me. I was hoping to figure out if there was some cause, but they just said it was probably bad sensors.