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hi im new my names donna and im 33yo ive had t1 diabetes since 2003, im now on novamix 30, ive just had a 19 day stay in hospital after suffering from dka caused by stress, chest infection which turned into pnemiou, i also had a blood infection and brain infection i was put into a coma for 9days whic they tried to bring me round twice but there was no brain activity but on the 3rd attempt i came back i was very sick while i was in hospital, i had a tracheosty fitted as well, once i came round from the coma i was on the ward and had 4 days of constitent sickness.
i have 4 children a 13 yo daughter, a 13yo step daughter, 6yo son and 2yo son, also i have other mental health problems bi polar, adhd, sever depression and a host of other problems to go with them all.
i have poor control of my diabetes which im now trying my hardest to sort out my hb1c has come down from 81% to 56% since november
im uk based
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Hi Donna and welcome to TuD! Wow, you've been through so much and I'm so glad you're alright now!

I'm a little confused about your A1C. Do you mean it came down from 8.1 to 5.6?? If so you're doing fantastic! But if you are still having trouble controlling your D, you might want to talk to your doctor about putting you on a basal and bolus regimen rather than a Mix. Using long-acting insulin for background and short acting for your meals based on an I:C ratio is much more effective for controlling blood sugar! If it sounds like I'm talking another language, you might want to get the book Using Insulin by John Walsh which will explain the ins and outs of MDI ("multiple daily injections").

hi my hb1ac is at 56% now from 86% in uk they use the large numbers, ive now changed insulin again im on a short acting novarapid and a long acting one lantus which seems to be helping keep my bg down only been back on a day but they have been lower than they have been which im happy about, ive been diabetic for 10 yrs now its like having to start all over again with which foods i can and cant have

I don't understand how those numbers translate to the ones most of us use; maybe someone else will post the translation. But it sounds like you are now changed to the regimen I mentioned above and I'm glad it's helping you do better. I've only been Type 1 for 5 years, but it seems like sometimes people who've been diagnosed for awhile have to recommit themselves to better management and it sounds like you're doing just that so good for you!

You've definitely come to the right place to get support and suggestions from so many other amazing Diabetics!

Am so glad that you have over came your illness,Yes DKA is one of the worse thing you can suffer with and have had it four times my self in my 43 years,Worse being like you had ending in coma for two weeks in my early 20s,Your children most be delighted to see you and you them,I hope you recover well from your awful troubles quickly,On you A1C that is a very large drop and well done.Like you am a new member also



Thanks, Shawnmarie; I wasn't aware of this different A1C number system in the UK. Yes, that is an excellent drop, Donna! And I'm sure with your current MDI insulin regimen you will drop even more the next time!

Holy cow, sounds like you've really been through the wringer! That must have been awfully scary. And I think it sounds like some serious bad luck. I've had a1c's in your higher range for years at a time without such disastrous results. I'm sorry that happened to you! You've done an amazing job bring it down.