New to group...not to diabetes

I am a type 2 diabetic and basically uncontrolled since I was diagnosed in 1998. I am very lucky that I have not hand any complications in the last 14 years. I am now taking control of my life. I am currently on novalog before meals, lantus at bed time, metaformin and victoza. I must admit that since adding victoza - my numbers have been wonderful! It has giving me hope that I can control this. I am also trying to lose weight, which is a task in itself, so I looking for support and friends! My last A1C was 13.1 - so if I want to live - I have to do this - NOW, before I face complications that I can not fix!


WELCOME to our family Kimberly!!!! I'm a TYpe 1 so's I can't be much help there but there's a group here for Type 2's u might wanna join it.

Welcome Kimberly. Glad you are taking charge. It's never too late yo start. Being T1 my experience may be a bit different from yours, but really the how to and goals are the same. The complications are the same as well. If you have not already, check out Blood Sugar 101. It is a great primer and helped me a lot in understanding my BG and diet. You will find a ton of info and support here from both T2 and T1 PWD. Read, post and learn.

Welcome to the club no one wants to join. This is a great, supportive place.

welcome to the site and congrats on controlling your #s

I love it when people finally see the light. It tells me they are now ready to take charge. I was like you I spent way to long in the darkness and have seen the 13+ A1C levels. Congratulations for stepping into the light.

Gary S