New to insulin?

We're holding a community discussion about starting on insulin tomorrow in the TuDiabetes chat room. If you are newly diagnosed (or if you're not) and in the process of beginning to take insulin, please join us! There will many present who have been taking insulin for years already, and who can share tips, insights and experiences. Bring questions!

See details here.

Well I missed this! I'm new here and started on insulin in mid May, using the Lantus Solo Star pen. It's ideal for a big wimp like me who has a "thing" about needles. My #s have dropped nicely and my doctor and the diabetic genius at the hospital are both delighted with my progress. The next goal later this year is to get me off some of the meds I take for it - metformin, diamicron and Januvia.

I'd like to know more about the insulin pen, how it can hopefully give me a few more options food-wise. I don't mean falling into a bucket of ice cream, but how I can expand my pretty regimented way of eating.

I started on Lantus SoloStar pen back in April. First diagnosed with T2 back in 2005. Started out on one pill, ended up taking four different meds. Before switching over to insulin, all the meds started doing more harm than good. Made me feel real bad to a point that I did not feel like lifting my head up. Since being on the insulin and also lost some weight, I feel like a new person!

I'm glad to hear insulin has had such a positive effect on you! I've had t2 for 10 or 11 yrs and at first I could control it with diet and exercise then that didn't work anymore so along came the pills...I hate taking pills, I wonder what they do to your insides over the years, it can't be good.

I am a needle-phone (terrible thing for a diabetic to be!) and I resisted the idea of insulin for a long time, too long, really. Finally in May I decided I needed to get over myself and learn to do it. I am glad to say it's not as horrible as I thought it would be, I can do it and not feel weak in the knees! My numbers came down beautifully.

I never felt sick or "off" in any way before the insulin, and the docs kept telling me I'd feel better, but I really don't feel any different. I kept waiting for some wonderful feeling to come over me and it hasn't. I guess that's just me! I am glad I started the SoloStar, it works well for me and that's great.

Several years ago one of Docs. placed me on Novalog. I kinda freaked myself. When I was young for 10 years I had to endure allergy shots. I void I would never take shots again. I was on the Novalog for about 2 months because my BG levels came down. When I started on the insulin shots I was very accepted to it. Doc started me out on 10 units along with Novalog using the sliding scale. For about 2 week, I did not see any results, BG levels stayed above 200, not normal for me. Called the Doc. and he up me to 20 units. Told me in 10 days if my fasting sugar has not reached 100, up by another 10 units. I've been at 30 units for about month now, and use the Novalog every now and then. 30 day average is now at 122. Hope things work out for your. Time for me go to work!

I started at 10 units for a week then went up by 2 every 3 days til I got to 26 and the diabetic educator said to stop there. So far 26 is working well. I'm Canadian and our scale is different than in the US. I've been achieving 5.0 - 5.2 each morning which is awesome. 6.0 is ideal. The DE said anywhere from 5.5 to 7 is fine for me. So it's working and I am happy. I just wish there was some other way than a needle...hope I live long enough for another method!