New to insulin

My doctor gave me a script for vials of Levemir. Is it better to inject that way or use a pen?

I was actually given a script for one last med to try which actually is working great so I haven’t picked up the insulin yet. Still in negotiations.

Pens are more convenient but treatment wise it makes no difference.

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Pens are more expensive for me insurance wise, so I stick with vials and syringes.


It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a pen or vial. What does make a difference is the needle you use!

I think pens are more of a consideration for short-acting insulin, since you’re using it to bolus for meals and pens are a lot easier and more discreet than having to deal with a vial and syringe while you’re out and about. Levemir is a basal insulin, like Lantus, which most people inject once/twice a day. Good news is that the thing most people worry about with insulin, hypoglycemia, is way more of a concern with rapid insulin than with the analog basals. Back when I switched from the old R/N stuff to basal-bolus MDI with Lantus-Novolog, it was such a huge relief to be able to delay or even skip a meal without crashing. Lantus made that possible.