New to the CGM

I just started in the Dex 7 today and had very inconsistent readings or no readings for the 1st 12 - 15 hours but it has been very consistent and accurate for the past 8 hours. This thing is addicting. I love it.

I try to insert the sensor in the evening and activate it early the following morning. That seems to make it behave better.

Have you checked out the software yet? The graphs are very cool, especially once you have several weeks of data in there!

I think you’ll like the CGM. I have been wearing Dexcom since February. Relying solely on fingersticks now seems so incomplete to me because of the trend data Dexcom gives you. I really never have lows anymore, and I can correct a high immediately. My A1c went from 6.9 to 5.9 in 6 months. I have found the original Dexcom STS sensors (3 day ones) a bit more accurate and longer lasting than the newer Dexcom SEVEN (7 day ones). I get a lot of flat lines with these sensors but not as much noise. Sometimes they are right on target; other times they may be off. I have been getting about 7 - 10 days use out of the sensors. My current sensor is on day 17! If you are not getting readings, your receiver and sensor may not be communicating. You would know this if there is no “Y” in the lower right hand corner. Even though these new sensors are waterproof, I still cover the sensor and transmitter whenever I shower with that Glad Press-n-Seal Wrap. It’s easy, and I’m used to it. I never use any other skin prep material, and the sensor always adheres through the wear time. Maybe that’s why I get a little longer wear time out of these new sensors than others have been getting. I also wear on upper butt cheeks, which for me seems like the better spot. It is hidden for beach, gym, etc. under underwear, and there is not as much movement of sensor that abdomen area had. Good luck with the system!

I have found the Dexcom STS to be more accurate than the 7 too…i havent sent my STS back yet…and still debate with myself on which sensors to order next time around.

I didn’t know you could still order STS sensors. Yes, I probably would have kept my STS longer especially given the price difference between SEVEN and STS sensors.

I was wondering how hard of a time you have getting refills for the dex ? I have the Minimed CGMS and I have a heck of a time geting refills . My first refill took 30 days and that was with my help of calling y ins and calling them back and getting things together my self . Now I call for another refill and it has been 8 days and no word I called yesterday and the girl thought they were on back order but didnt know about my order . She was suppose to have someone call me but of course no call yet . This is bad customer service they shoudl of told me if it is a back order problem I know my ins co ok’d me for 6 mths of refills .

I get new Dexcom sensors pretty quickly whenever I phone order…usually in a matter of days. I do pay out of pocket, though, with a credit card.

same here…i have never heard of a Dexcom Backorder—but have often heard of it with MM.

I just order sensors on Tuesday for my DexCom 7 and It’s going to be here on Friday morning… They even sent a tracking number to my email… That’s so cool!

I am soooo jealous I want a CGMS. Working on my appeal.

Congrats, Mark!
I have found that the sensors get more accurate over time (I have the Medtronic system but have used the Dex 7).

Tracy, everyone I have talked to has a hard time getting sensors - they are ALWAYS on backorder. I have started ordering a new box as soon as my order ships, and it arrives before I run out.

I will have to try that . It seems to me they would step up the production if they are always on back order . I will surely remember this when it comes time to replace my transnitter .


What type of tape do you all use when the sensor starts to come off?

I’m so jealous!

I use the Medtronic system, so there’s a little more to tape down than with the Dexcom. I put a piece of IV3000 over the sensor/transmitter as soon as I connect it and that stays on for quite a while. I have found that Tegaderm works extremely well, but it is also really expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover it.
When I tried the Dexcom I waited until the sensor started peeling off before I taped it, but I think it may work better to stick something on it right away before it starts to peel. I actually tried duct tape out of desperation on my last Dex sensor, it held the sensor on really well but I wouldn’t recommend it. cringe