New to the Omnipod

Hello everyone

I began wearing the Omnipod for the first time several weeks ago (mid-December) after learning about this 'tubeless technology from my endocrinologist in late October.

Some brief history: I'm a Type 1 diabetic (diagnosed 22+ years ago) in good control never having an A1c over 7.5. I wore a pump for about 15 years (an old Disetronic HTronplus). For the most part, being a 'pumper' was a positive experience—kept decent A1cs over the course of wearing it—but after a while, I got really tired of the endless tubing & site occlusions, pump bumps, error messages and costly battery changes. When my 16-yr old son was diagnosed Type 1 2.5 years ago, his prescribed insulin delivery was via the insulin Humaog & Lantus KwikPens. These pens piqued my interest as it seemed a quick efficient, and relatively hassle-free method of insulin delivery without all the potential mechanical complications I was experiencing with my Disetronic Dinosaur. So I ditched the old pump and for two years I was using the two kwikpens as my daily insulin therapy. When I recently switched to a new endocrinologist, he shared with me some information about the Omnipod & I was intrigued for several reasons: no tubing (!), the PDM (a centralized database to keep BG records, dosages, etc); built-in BG meter (I test 6-8 times a day), and the food/carb library.

So for the number of weeks, I've been adjusting to my life as a new "Podder" and hope to meet others to share their successes, struggles and experiences while using this new pump.

I haven't yet found the 'ideal' locations to wear the pod— I like the upper arm, but I've already knocked 4 (!) of them off accidently with glancing blows off door jamb, car doors— but I guess this is all part of the pod experience.

glad to be here!


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Hi Big Basque, There is a group called "Omnipo Users". Look it up.