New to Tudiabetes and Omnipod


I am new to this forum. But am getting an Omnipod system in the next week. I have been using a pump system for many years but am excited about using the Omnipod. I assume it is pretty straight forward but is there anything I should be on the look out for or any tips on using and or keeping the POD on while swimming.sun etc. I will be using it only on my mid section as I use my arms for a CGMS and my legs are to “active” for either device. Thanks. excitd to be trying the Pod. Ali

Lucky! I was just diagnosed, and i doubt ill be able to get a pump this early

Here’s a discussion filled with great stuff about Omnipod Tips and Tricks. (This one’s a good one!)
Here’s one about How to Avoid Bad Sites, and things that come along with possibly hitting a blood vessel (which you probably are familiar with, having pumped already.)
Here’s one about battery questions with the PDM.
And the list goes on and on! I’d just scroll through the discussions with this group, as many of them are very helpful.
Congrats on switching to the pod! I hope it works out for you like it has for so many of us around here :slight_smile:
Here’s one about possible pod placement sites.

Bradford said it way better than I could have. So much good advice in the past discussions. Congrats and good luck.

Mine’s arriving next week too and I’m just as excited!! :smiley:

There is no reason why you cannot start an insulin pump immediately. My granddaughter was recently diagnosed and her final “lesson” was about pumping insulin. Had she decided to do so, she could have. By the way, they seemed very impressed with the OmniPod.

There is ZERO reason why you cannot go on a pump immediately. I was diagnosed in 1990, and I went on a pump within 24 hours of diagnosis. My endo (who was on a pump himself) saw no point in the stress of acclimating to two types of therapy by learning MDI first and then transitioning to an insulin pump. I have never taken a shot of long acting insulin.

If your current endocrinologist will not put you on a pump, find an endocrinologist who will because I think your endocrinologist is practicing medieval medicine.

If your experience is similar to mine, you will love the transition from a standard pump to the OmniPod.

I would spend some time experimenting with different infusion sites. At first, I thought I would place the OmniPod on my abdomen because that’s where I had placed my insulin infusion sets for my Medtronic pump. However, I now place the OmniPod only on my arms.