Recently Started on Victoza

All I can say is where has this been all my life! I love this medication.

I'm a type 2 who can't take Metformin due to it triggering my kidney issues. I have been frustrated by not being able to control my sugars on insulin alone. Case in point, when I was on Metformin and Insulin my A1C was 6.4. Off of it, it soared to 11.6. Unfortunately, my then endocrinologist was a major jerk who decided that it was my problem and essentially ignored me. He also didn't want to put me on an insulin pump despite the 6-7 shots a day because "It's not the standard of care."

I have since found an exceptional new provider who listens, suggests and answers email in an appropriate fashion. She started me on Victoza. I've been on it now for two weeks and my sugars have never been better. I'm down to five shots a day and we're going to discuss an insulin pump after we get my NPH usage down some more. I've already been able to drop it by 20 units a day.

I've had some minor side effects....mainly sour stomach and some headache. For the sour stomach I have been using ginger tea and lots of tums. The headache comes and goes. I'm just wondering if the folks on it long-term are still seeing these side effects?