New user impressions and questions

Hey fellow omnipod users!

I've been poding a week tomorrow. I'm currently on my third pod.

Training was pretty straight forward. Everything made pretty good sense. My last AIC was 7.6 so I'm in ok control but with lots of room for improvement. Unfortunately I started on the pod shortly after being sick so the first few days I was more thrown off by the sickness rather than the change.

First impressions: I had tried a sample pod for a couple days to see how it felt. I barely noticed it after the first day and thought it would be the same with a live pod. Not so! When you know you rely on the pod it becomes a lot more serious. On my second day the pod fell off after a cardio workout - I'm a big sweater. The second pod was pretty stressful. I used some paper tape - no good. I then used some plastic tape and that stayed on pretty good.

For the third pod I used the hollister medical adhesive. So far it is really on there - this might even be over-kill. I really like the security of it though. I do a lot of strength training, sweaty cardio and showers so we'll see how this one holds up.

The PDM is straightforward although I really miss my accucheck advantage which has the lancet device built in along with 50-use tape system. You really can't beat the all-in-one approach.


  • Is it possible to fill the pod before starting the change pod process? I would like to be able to fill it and apply the adhesive first because te adhesive needs 5 minutes to set and the PDM complains if you take that long.
  • I understand IOB but what about Carbs-On-Board? If I eat a high fibre meal then a half hour later I plan on eating a higher Glycemic Index food will the bolus calculation take any of the carbs I've already eaten into account?
  • What's the deal with tape? Is it a bad idea to use it? Is adhesive a better choice?

Thanks for any insights to these questions!

One thing I would add I guess is that I wish Insulet provided a bit more information during the training system on keeping the pod attached. It seems it is a common issue on this group. Maybe they could include an extra pamphlet on it and some sample adhesive. I asked my trainer andd he suggested hairspray - I used that on my seccond pod and it helped but wasn't enough.

Hi Saren and welcome! My daughter is 4 and started on the pod 8/31/12. We had similar issues with keeping the pod on, and after MUCH trial and error, here's what works for us: (1) I spray Cavilon barrier spray on her skin b/c she has sensitive skin and it was getting red and itchy under the pod, whether it was from the pod adhesive itself or the other stuff we use, I could never tell; (2) I use a Skin Tac wipe and then once it's tacky (3) I spray Mastisol liquid adhesive over that to "glue" the pod to her. (4) Then, b/c there's gappage between the pod and the adhesive (b/c she's so small) and I don't want it to get caught on anything, I use a 5" piece of kinesiotape over the top of her pod. Someone on here mentioned it and it has been a winner! (we just started using it last week) It's stretchy, breathable and it doesn't bother her skin - bonus!! The pod stayed on while she swam for an hour last Sunday and was fine until the next change. I make sure to extend the Skin Tac and Mastisol (I spread it around after I spray it on) to cover the area where the KT tape will go, as well. (5) I use a Unisolve wipe to remove the old pod and KT tape.

As for your questions: I draw up the insulin for the new pod prior to deactivating and starting the process, but I think you pretty much have to follow their protocol. I put all the adhesive on while the new pod is priming. The PDM beeps at us too, for taking too long, but it's no big deal.

This generation PDM does not account for carb boluses on board, only corrections. But the next-gen pods and PDM (shipping soon!) take both into account.

Hope this helps. The first couple of months for us were very frustrating, but we have a system that works now and things have gotten much better.

Welcome Saren!

Your experience is identical to mine. I've been on the Pods almost a year now though. The sweat problem, which I've experienced too, takes a little time to figure out what's best. I've found the 3M Tegaderm strips to be a great plus, but not perfect. If I'm ready for a workout I usually wear my pod on my arm if I can predict the job that early and wrap my arm with sports tape or something similar.

As for you questions.
1. Unfortunately no. The filling is part of the change process electronically, so the PDM needs to sense the pod fill only after the old pod's been turned off.
2. The PDM considers every carb identical to the last. It is possible to adjust the bolus at the time of application if you are aware of a possible change, or use the extended bolus in some cases. So while it can't calculate the variances, it allows you to control them at least.
3. As above, I use tape and find no problems. Usually under the pod, but sometimes on top too for added protection, especially when I get hot. Others use adhesive. Try both and find your best solution. I add to my solution with the wraps too. I also use IV Prep anti-sting pads, don't need them but I like the lower sting that these provide on the canula insertion. I also use occasionally one of the Bands 4 Life wraps, you can find them on the accesories page on the Insulet web site. They are made by a 3rd party and work well in some situations and are more comfortable.

My training came from my Endo's office from a Training Nurse. She was very well educated from both Omnipod and years of her job in working with diabetics. I'm sorry your training wasn't as well rounded, but you got us here at TUDiabetes at least. We all love to help out so ask anything.

Have fun!

The "beep for taking to long" is normal no matter how long you take. I prefer to hear the beep in the middle of filling anyway like you. I feel this lowers the risk of problems with the pod due to filling too fast and maybe damaging the pump from too much pressure. I could be wrong on that, but prefer to be safe than sorry.

And, Saren, like Aimeeh2oski said, it takes time to learn all the good and bad of the Omnipod. Everyone is different so try anything and stick with what works best. The first couple of months for me was full of questions too. Time is the real trick here. You'll grow to love it more each week.

Hi Saren,

The general anxiety that comes with the pod change goes away after awhile. I used to keep a checklist next to my supplies, with a stopwatch, just to make suee I was doing everything correctly and according to some kind of schedule. The more changes you get under your belt, especially trouble-free ones, the less anxiety you will have. Now it's all second nature and I could do it in my sleep.

I definitely second the idea of Kinesio tape. My jiujitsu instructor actually suggested it to me last year after I had tried everything from regular athletic tape to Opsite Flexifit to keep the pod on through an hour of live BJJ training. Kinesio tape is definitely the winner by a long ways, but I will still use Opsite for most applications where I will be more active than usual, but nothing as abusive to a pod as BJJ.

For super adhesive power, I'll use Matisol underneath the adhesive. It doesn't help keep the pod stuck to the adhesive if you are having problems with ripping the pod of the adhesive, but if adhesive against the skin failure is your issue, Matisol is just about the best glue I've found. I'll apply it on the skin while the pod is priming, then give it a few more minutes to tackify before placing the pod. Once the pod primes, there seems to be a good amount of time before you have to apply the pod and go throug the insertion process.

I'vr evrn applied Matisol over the adhesive with a Q-tip after placing the pod, and it's worked fine. That takes a bit more Matisol and gets messy, but it's effective in keeping the adhesive stuck to the skin under adverse conditions for the entire three-day period.

Best of luck!!

Thanks for the replies everyone! So far this hollister medical adhesive is working great. I don't see any lifting of the pad at the edges. I also did a criss cross over the pod with plastic tape to keep it more secure. I will have to try the KT tape as it sounds more breathable than the plastic stuff.

One thing I found with the hollister spray was that it comes out in more of a stream than a mist. My plan for the next pod is to place a little swab over the opening to prevent getting the adhesive inside the pod. I also got some eyeliner applicators to spread the adhesive around as I think a qtip would come apart doing that.

I'm looking forward to the new PDM that accounts for Carbs on board. I realize it won't account for the Glycemic index of the carbs but one step at a time :)

Still getting used to all the beeps - it was a bit shocking at first hearing my belly beep at me but I'm getting used to it.

My plan is to get my levels and adjustments down while using the abdomen before trying some different placements. I'm really looking forward to trying the arm though. I really don't have much fat there but from reading this forum it sounds like you only need a really small amount.

@Scott. My trainer was actually great when it came to adjustments and insulin levels. He seems to be very knowledgeable about the endocrine system. He probably just hasn't encountered many people as active and sweaty as me :)

Thanks again for the answers. I was really glad to find such a large community using the pod. I hope I will be able to contribute in my own ways.

Hi Saren I have been a promoter of the Kinesio tape for a while on this site as it has worked so well for me. From reading the web site on the stuff it says it does not lose it's adheseion when wet. I use the an alchol wipe first to dry then a Cavilon wipe for a barrier then the pod then the Kinesio tape to finish. Works very well for me. One note that I found I almost always use my arms and found that a small downward pressure on the heel of the pod as it is inserting the cannual elimated occlusions for me. I don't have many pictures on my home page but what I use and what it looks like when it is installed is there. Best of luck on the calc. part as I cannot help. Arrogant farm boy here I shoot for close and am happy with that. Never make a flatliner! Best of luck. Michael

I'm can't weigh in on the adhesive issue, as my son has had no problems with that.

However, we always fill the pod before we deactivate the first pod. My son used to try to see how fast he could do a change according to the PDM, and the only way was to fill it first, so now that's just how we do it. I'm not sure why the others on here say you can't. You would still have a time issue though correct? Because even if you fill it, you still have to prime it before pulling the plastic tab off and exposing the adhesive.

F. Y. I. I always pull the plastic tab off before I fill as it seems to have less bubbles in the reservoir. I know you will have problems removing the insulin on a failed pod if it has not been deployed if the cap is still on. Don't know why the timing is an issue as you are the boss and the pdm is the slave. Time is not an issue. As has been my experience.

Agreed. I have discovered I can fill the new pod and take the plastic cover off before initiating the new pod routine. This allows me to apply the adhesive and let it dry before removing the old pod.

Hi there. I have been on the pod since 2-13-13; I am a huge gym and bath freak so keeping the pod on was a must for me; cardio makes me sweat terribly! I use the smith and nephew skin prep pads. Its alcohol and adhesive together. It works great my pods stay on and come off easily with no irritation but for a few redmarks that last a half hour or so. They dry really quick too. I have never had a problem with the pod separating from the tape. Maybe just a bad batch. I have seen the little ones and they appear to be attached better as they are smaller. SO be patient and try those preps. I don't know if I would fill a pod first tho to it being sanitary. However, I decorate mine with rhinestones and the like so maybe I should practice watch I preach. Good luck to you. I bet you will love those skin preps!

All this is good advice. I think I see one problem with what you said. It’s not the filling of the POD that mates it with the PDM but rather that occurs during the Priming Cycle. I regularly fill PODS before deactivating the old one with no issues.


We also always fill the pod before starting the rest of the process. That's how we got the pod change down to a minute. :)