New year, new resolutions

Hi all,

I’m ashamed to say I havent been well controlled at all this festive season.
Today I tested for the 1st time in about 2 weeks and needless to say my levels are through the roof. Over 35 mmol! Funny enough, I dont feel as ill as I should be for being so high…? I have injected and i will be testing every hour on the hour until I get it under control again. My DP (diabetic policeman) went overseas for a couple of weeks and I used that to let my hair down and tried to “ignore” my tired old pancreas. LOL.

As you can imagine, I got into a bit of trouble on the 25th and had to have emergency help but my family were completely stressed out. My poor sister broke my tester kit by accident, she was in such a state. My brother was massaging my legs as if his life depended on it and my mother aged right before my eyes. They have NEVER seen me in such a bad way. Even my nephew, Joshua (9) told me the next day that “I prayed last nite Aunty Debi, I was afraid you were going to die”. It broke my heart, and my daughter still keeps asking if I’m “better now?”. For those of you who dont know, she’s a Down Syndrome and she is my life. Makes me think I’m not as good a mother as I like to think I am. It was purely selfish reasons and I put so many people under stress, it wasn’t fair on them.

So folks, please help me be strong, I have already commissioned my angels and the archangels to help so I’m in good hands for now.

live more, laugh more, love more.
Stay well

Hi Debi! Here is to a strong start to the new year! Wishing you all the best!

UGH! in my parent voice ’ ok vacation is over time to get to get back to work’ sorry for your troubles and glad ur better but today is a new day and time to get back to it

((((((((biggest of hugs)))))))) I’m here whenever you need a shoulder or alternatively a boot in the bum He he hee :o)

Glad you’re ok. I’ve had surprising highs & felt fine. Other times, my throat feels like a desert & my head pounds. After being high for several weeks, be prepared for lower numbers to feel odd. Highs scare me & I over react.

You have a loving family.

You can do it, Debi. Moving forward is all we can do.

heyas, you know where to find us if you need a shoulder…

Debi, welcome to a new life, a new year and a new set of opportunities to start from scratch!

Hi Debi!! I believe that you will get you bloodsugars under control. It is worth it, believe me. Do it for yourself, your daughter and your family. Glad you are going to “test” and “test” and “test”. We are all here for you. I am praying for you.
Kind Regards

Its a new year and a new start! I feel you on that one!

Ive never had an a1c below 7.3%, which isnt good. This year I decided to keep better care and keep log books GASP!

so far 15 days in and going strong, (also, way improved glucose as well), I wish you the best of love and luck in this new year and new control efforts!