New Zealand Biotech Company Claims It Discovered A Possible T1 Diabetes Cure

You guys seen this?

I don’t know where I was when it was published. This is the company in question:

Oh Gosh if this works out then maybe they CAN us![ I can speak from a little unwitted experance here…Ky 2nd cousin had a heaetattack and his heart vaul was so messed up (somerthing like that anyway) the put a pig vaul in there and after about 10 years he’s still here so I guess we’ll just wait and see!

i had read this a couple of weeks back, there are trying to jugde the exact dosage of this “diabcell”, lets hope the future studies are more promising…i am keeping my fiingers crossed !!!

It almost seems too good to be true.Something like this would be great.If diabetes were to have a cure though,what would all the companies that cater to us do?Sorry to sound negative but money talks.It makes you wonder.

Is this the same story?

If so, it’s promising but not necessarily permanent. What’s wonderful about it, is that it doesn’t require immune suppressive drugs. And it’s affordable compared to transplants.

Hope it works. Though if it does, my kosher ancestors will be whirling in their graves.

Hey - this is interesting. i would think it could also work in NIDDM - especially if the individual is insulin-deficient (i.e. not insulin resistant). after all. it is basically adding more islets/beta cells to your pancreas - yes?

what do you surmise?

– Joel.