Just thought I’d say hi.
I’m soon 23, still undiagnosed but about to contact doctor. Have a monitor at home and tested myself a couple of weeks ago and I was higher than I should have been. Since then I’ve been testing myself quite a lot. Currently feeling some of the typical signs of high blood sugar and always high after meals. Yesterday I hit 9.3 at the 2 hour mark. I’m pretty sure I’m at least pre-diabetic, but I do suspect I might have caught Type 1 really early- there are many things in the past few months that could have caused an autoimmune reaction.

So yeah, new to the site, and new to diabetes… Not really sad, but feeling a bit lost at the moment.

you cannot diagnose yourself. A little information is not a good thing, you need to get an accurate diagnosis from a doctor.

I’m about to call a doctor on monday. I’ve been creeping up more and more in the past 2 weeks. Just can’t “ignore” it anymore. But I’m all too familiar with the Swedish medical system, so I thought I’d test some more at home first, slam down the meter on the doctor’s desk and make sure they do take the tests that needs to be taken. It’s unfortunately not often they do anything here, unless you insist on having it done :S

That’s the thing… I know I have elevated blood sugar, and I can feel it too. But I don’t know if my pancreas is giving up on me, or if I’m just pre-diabetic or type 2. I’m going to insist on at least having a Glucose tollerance test done, along with GAD-Antibodies and that Insulin production test I can’t remember the name of now. I did have several infections a few months ago, and since then it feels a bit like I’ve never really recovered, and sort of having a feeling my body is against me in a way.
But the thing is, if I just call the office and say “I think I might have diabetes” they’d just take a fasting blood sugar test and send me off again. And for the time being at least, just a fasting test would be inconclusive because this far my fasting has been within range.

Jennie, I really think you need to go to the doctor first before worrying about being a Diabetic. Where did you get the idea of getting a meter and having to check your blood sugar so much? Is someone close to you a Diabetic? Are you drinking a lot of water and eating a large amount of food meanwhile losing a lot of weight? Many times non-diabetics can have high blood sugar especially after eating. I often will feel cranky or light headed when very hungry and I do not have diabetes. We did not discover our son’s diabetes until he began losing weight and drinking tons of water.

So, It’s good that you are going to the doctor but don’t worry until you get a diagnosis.


Welcome to Tudiabetes!! You should talk to your Dr…you need a DX…I agree with Deb and Landileigh…Jennie diabetes is nothing to play with and you are pretty high after meals!!! PLEASE TALK TO YOUR DR!!! if you have any questions about anything post it and someone will answer.

Good Luck

I’m going to call the GP tomorrow. Hopefully i’ll get an appointment already this week. And hopefully the GP will listen and take the tests i ask for :stuck_out_tongue:

Why i have a monitor? Well, after having what i call “camel periods” many times, and being sent off to the doctor by mum, i decided to get a monitor and test at home when those “camel periods” happens instead of watiting for 3 weeks to get an appointment (i have waited for 3 weeks once in the past!). When i caught this now, i just tested randomly after a meal and oh ■■■■, it was 9.4 mmol/l. It’s a couple of weeks ago now… Since then I’ve been testing quite a bit to see if it was just that one time (that day i was 7.5 at 2 hours) or if it would keep creeping up, and it has indeed been creeping up.

Yes, i am going to the bathroom more than usual, yes i drink more than usual, and yes, i can be hungry at the wierdest of times. I had dinner just little more than 2 hours ago now, and feeling hungry again, could easily have a 2nd dinner if i was to give in, but i know that would just make me feel worse than i already do. My clothes also has a tendancy to look bigger on me at the moment :S

Sorry for almost sounding a bit grumpy in this post :frowning: Just a bit moody and annoyed by noisy people on the train before :S

Hi Jennie,
We will all be wating to hear from you about how things are going and what the doctor has to say. Let us know how the tests went and your diagnosis. I guess I am hoping for a little miracle here, that you don’t have diabetes. I wish you well Jennie and will keep you in my prayers.


I’ve just been on the phone with the GP’s office, and surprise surprise, going in on MONDAY next week for tests. It’s ONE week for crying out loud! :frowning: Seeing what one week has done to my levels this far, i “fear” it can be even worse next week… But at least they did take me seriously enough to say i needed to come in for testing, guess that’s at least something… Just hope they’ll take all tests needed. Seeing how relatively fast it’s been for me, they’d better take GAD-antibodies and C-Peptide aswell :S