A online community like myspace or facebook for Diabetes! how cool! An intro about myself. I am 30 years old originally from Boston living in NY. I have been diagnosed with Diabetes since December 21st, 2006. I was certainly not prepared for it as I was laid off from my job a week before! And I am still not working but finished school to be a Medical Biller & Coder. The strange thing is the department I did my intern at was so supportive of my Diabetes that they asked about how I am doing. I now volunteer for the department till I find a job sigh.

I am not sure what more to say here. I am also hearing impaired which makes life a bit difficult at times. I have other medical problems growing up as well and well, the Diabetes is on the list now.

Until next entry! Just wanted to start writing something :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, Amy!

Thanks Manny!