Real n00b question regarding site changes

So I’m a little confused and I really shouldn’t be with a simple question like this. So my site was placed on Monday at about 9 am. Do I change my site tomorrow at 9 (48 hours post placement) or Thursday at 9 (72 hours post placement)?

I never asked the endo. I remember everyone say 3 days, so if my BG are still good I can go until then?


I just change when the tank runs out.

Given the variation in insulin needs, depending on food intake and activity, no ones reservoir runs out at 48 hours or 72 hours exactly. The 3 day recommendation (3 x 24 hrs = 72) is based on company and FDA recommendations about the time for the cannula to be in the tissue. In some diabetics, longer time periods can lead to lower absorption rates some years later. Infection, by my knowledge, is rare but could happen. There are plenty of folks who change their sets at 2 days, plenty at 3 days, and plenty at 4 days. And a few that go longer than 4. As Acidrock said, most of us change the site when our reservoir goes empty. Mine is about 3.5 days. I am not making any recommendation for you, just telling you that there are differences among people that may or may not fit the official recommendation.
You don’t say how much insulin you use each day, therefore, you have to figure out how much you need for three days, if that is what you decide, and put that much in the reservoir, allowing a few extra units for unanticipated extra needs.

It becomes an individual thing - example, in the winter time I can go most of the time 4 full days without changes in blood sugar secondary to either insulin degrading or the site degrading. In the summer time, I do good to get all the way through 3 full days, changing the beginning of the 4th day.
Most of the medical profession says change every 3 days.
If your sugars are stable, you are not having to bolus more to cover standard carb/meals, and the site isn’t uncomfortable - I say let it stay!

Thanks. Since everything is royally screwed up with infusion sets and insurance (big surprise) I’m just going to let this one ride until I start to rise.

Just found out from Animas that they are going to send me some samples since they sent the wrong infusion sets. This set, my first, is going to end up running 96 hours (4 days) before a change. Not too shabby in my book.

Thanks for all of your advice. It made me way more comfortable with running an extra day today. I appreciated it!