Newbie Question regarding BS test strips/meter compatibility

So I’m using a BS meter branded as “Accu-chek Advantage”. I’ve just ran out of testing strips for the first time-- my question is, do I have to buy Accu-chek branded test strips specifically, or are test strips standardized and will work for different models and brands?

Strips aren’t compatible with different brands, or even different models of the same brand. You can only use Accu-Chek Advantage strips for an Accu-Chek Advantage meter.

Now wouldn’t that be nice … :slight_smile:

Good idea, but I guess the meter companies won’t go for it. As Gerri told you, you need to check carefully. Usually the box for the test strips lists exactly which meter they are compatible with. You will also likely need to change the code chip (that comes with the new box of strips) or enter a code. Whenever you start a new box of strips. Check the manual, which is also available online here

unfortunately no
any way,maybe this isn’t the topic here,but I am wondering why don’t you use optiuom exceed since it’s the only brand that tests for ketone ,actually,I was wondering for a long time why people don’t,here,the endo describes that for all type1’s
I really want to change my meter,thats why I asked this question
feel free to ignore :slight_smile:
by the way,I used accu-chek once,didn’t like it :frowning:

Thanks guys, bummer companies don’t get together more often to standardize things like this. It’s pretty win-win for other industries and businesses that co-operate via standards, economics of scale etc…

Again, much thanks


The Abbott Optium meter is actually sold under a different name in the USA – it’s called the Precision Xtra (click here). I’m pretty sure that it is the same meter though.

They have the Optium meter in Hungary, but I don’t test for ketones often. So I prefer a different meter, which I think is the most accurate. I guess we all have different preferences.

Speaking of new test strips, I don’t bother with the annoying test solution. I think it’s a way for companies to get us to use even more strips.

Yes, I haven’t used mine either in years!

It would be nice if they standardized, but it will never happen. That’s how the meter companies make their income. Thay are more than happy to send you a meter for free…because then they got ya.

Here in Canada available . Possibly the exception Bayer Contour Link model ( to link with the MM pump 522/722 and Bayer Contour model ( no linking ) ? …I look at them as being different model meters , same strips .
I don’t use the solution either.

A bit of topic ? Batteries are replaced for free by the Bayer company ; one has to register one’s meter .Maybe same deal by others ??Also their USB cable : NO charge

Most companies ( all ??) , when purchasing 100 strips give a meter for free , unless meter has a larger capability .

I have a True Track machine and every time I run out of strips there is a piece on the side that has to be changed.The number on that piece has to match the number on the strip container or I would not get an accurate number.I would stick with what the machine calls for.

I use a one touch ultra link, but it uses the same one touch ultra test strips as all the other one touch meters


one touch ultra test strips are the best covered by insurance and most accurate test strips on the market, as well as working in six different one touch meters