Newer, better Enlite insertion tutorial videos from Medtronic Diabetes ANZ

For whatever reason, I was looking at the YouTube channel for Medtronic Diabetes ANZ (Australasia) a few days ago and noticed there were a number videos there which I had not seen before. Apparently they were added (published?) during the last half of December 2014.

Included among these was a collection of seven videos with the common title "Get Right with Enlite". Taken together these videos appear to provide a much more thorough guide on how to insert the Medtronic Enlite glucose sensor.

I was not able to find a playlist from Medtronic which collected together the pieces of this new video guide. So I added them to a public playlist I created in my own YouTube account. You can use the link below to access that playlist to view all or whatever subset of them you may be interested in.

"Get Right with Enlite" insertion tutorials from Medtronic Diabetes ANZ

While I haven't watched all of the guide's "chapters" yet, I am still willing to recommend it based just on what I've seen so far. Unlike the other Medtronic vids I've watched, this one also demonstrates things to NOT do and occasionally describes how things can go wrong.

In other words, while it's certainly still as tedious as these things tend to be, I found this guide to be much more candid & informative than what I've seen from Medtronic in the past.

Maybe the difference is because the people who made this guide are outside of the US?

-irrational john
T1 LADA since ~1978; first pump: Minimed 507 ~1997, currently using Minimed 723 + CGM