Newly Diagnosed - 11.6 A1C

Hey there! Welcome to the TuDiabetes community! When I was first diagnosed I was at like a 7.0 and have gone down to a 6.1 and then 6.0 which doctor said is stable. I didn’t get diagnosed till Feb of this year.

I am on Metformin tab one time a day. I also was at like a 125.5 average when got blood work done last week.

Gonna say what every doctor will say – cut out the sweets, regular soda, and eat less carbs.

My exercise routine is…nothing special. I just have been walking more around the neighborhood and have worked recently but the job sadly didn’t work out.

How are we you doing?

I would get anther Doctor,s opinion your numbers are way to high sounds like type 1

Please listen to others here who advise doing the bloodwork to get your diabetes typed. I was diagnosed Type 1.5 late onset diabetes at age 55 with no family history.

I’m doing ok, just exhausted. Still in the hospital, but hope to go home tomorrow. Have met with a case working to make sure I have good resources and also met with a dietitian. The nurses have been training me to check my sugars and administer my own insulin. Information overload, but I have answers and tools now. Thank you to everyone here for your advise and guidance. I appreciate it.


Come back anytime with questions. Glad to know you are safe. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.


I would love to watch this CBC production but it is limited to people in Canada. :slightly_frowning_face:

My take on statins is very much aligned with yours, @UTI_FREE. I don’t, however, want to stray any further afield from the original poster’s topic than I’ve already gone. Maybe start another thread?

It’s that statins can CAUSE diabetes in people who would not have otherwise developed it. It’s always best to go to the cause of any medical condition rather than treat the symptoms which doctors today are trained to do. Maybe diabetics would not think to go to a statin forum or site on statins to see the connection between the drug that most of America’s seniors are prescribed and diabetes. I have to say that what I wrote is not my take or an opinion. It is fact that statins cause diabetes. Go on the Mayo Clinic…it’s there…and on many sites that are not influenced unduly by Big Pharma and their bottom line; profit.

I don’t see the relevance of this to this thread, given that the OP clearly needs insulin and was heading toward DKA. Telling someone they can cure insulin-dependent diabetes of whatever type with diet is misleading and dangerous. Did you actually read this thread?

@Adiina, I’m so glad you got the help you needed, and please continue to ask for help here as you learn about all of this. It is definitely super overwhelming at first (and sometimes later on), but you are going to feel so much better. Also get used to strangers giving you incorrect advice about lifestyle changes will cure your insulin-dependent diabetes—that’s unfortunately a part of living with this disease too. Lifestyle changes can make it easier to manage, which is why some of us go low carb or make other dietary changes, but we still need insulin.


I read that this person is starting Metformin; and is not insulin dependent which is completely different issue. One CAN cure type 2 diabetes. I know people who have done so with diet, exercise, losing weight…and in a couple of cases by also stopping statins. There is nothing misleading or dangerous about about a suggestion to do some work oneself in terms of lifestyle changes. So many people passively deliver themselves over to a doctor and say, “Fix me!”. “Give me a drug.”. We can and should take responsibility for our medical conditions, do research, become knowledgeable and contribute and take action for the betterment of our own health…and yes, even a cure!

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Read the whole thread. She was just diagnosed with numbers that look a lot more like T1 than T2, sent off with Metformin and told to come back in two months despite symptoms that sound like incipient DKA. Fortunately she went to the ER, has been admitted to the hospital and is receiving insulin. The initial dx might turn out to be correct—she hasn’t said what the hospital dx was—but for now I don’t think it’s a safe assumption. A LOT of people get misdiagnosed as T2 simply on the basis of age, which (as I said above) goes against the whole point of the T1/T2 labelling.


I had almost the same experience. Was sent home with Metformin and bg over 350. I was told I was Type II bc of my age. They told me to come back in three months. No education, nothing. I was clueless and ate a bowl of oatmeal with banana which caused me to become very very ill. My gut literally told me I needed more. That led me to see an endocrinologist. I am 56 and was dx with Type I. Of course I was immediately prescribed insulin and now have it under control. Listen to your gut. I don’t think the outcome would have been good had I not called an endocrinologist and got on right away.


I’m going to try to be as kind as I can be, but UTI-Free, you are apparently vastly undereducated on T2 diabetes.

T2 is often very much a genetically inherited disease, and it strikes thin people as well as overweight people. Both my best friend and I are perfect examples. She is 5’9", weighs about 140, works out daily (and always has), eats a very healthy diet (and always has) and has finally had to go on metformin at the age of 70 because no matter what she did her A1c kept creeping up.

I, on the other hand, am only 5’3", weighed only 125 (mostly muscle) and was diagnosed at the age of 38 with T2, which progressed rapidly to insulin-dependence.

In both our cases, T2 runs in our families. There are many others like us, UTI-FREE, and telling us that we can be cured with diet and exercise is really a slap in the face, although I’m positive you didn’t mean it that way. But please, do read a lot more about T2, and talk to more people on here who are struggling, some of whom think it’s “their own fault” that they got this illness…it’s not!!!


To Make a point I was diagnosed with an A1c of 12, FBG 325 I was diagnosed a T1/t2. The point is I have been able to control my T2 with diet and exercise only. (very low carb) with over the years an A1c of less than 6.
I am a well controlled I am not cured I will always be a T2. Going on 11 years now.

Cured is not a word I would use for any T2

FYI thin active and T2 does not run in my family, we are all different,


I also meant to reply to Adiina that I am so glad you’re okay and that you’re getting good care. Keep us posted and feel free to keep coming back and keep asking questions. That’s how we all learn.

I am a type I so life is a little different for me, BUT I strongly believe in having an endocrinologist and team help you form a care plan. If you do that then you have the team to call with your question, and they will set better goals for you. Good luck! You will feel so much better when the numbers come down.

So glad to hear you are doing better. I must say when I was diagnosed and almost died due to DKA, after receiving insulin and came around, I was sitting up and ready to go home. Insulin is an amazing thing.
My aunt and uncle who had seen me 2 days before thought they were going to the hospital to say goodbye. And were shocked at how well and happy I looked.
It is so sad that so many are misdiagnosed and are not given the insulin they need. It is my miracle drug!
And as far as overload? Yeah, it’s overwhelming! But just take a deep breath and keep asking questions! You will get this, trust me! I still ask questions after all these years!


I had the same issues losing weight,tired thirsty and always hungry. Last year my A1c was normal at5.7 but in the next 8 months it changed.My wife decided to check my glucose level ,never had an issue before it was 345.A few days later I went to the Dr. and had blood work done A1c up to 11.7 and fasting was 272.They wanted to give me insulin.Then decided to give me metformin.
I didn’t want to take it and made some big changes,lots of exercise and a low carb diet.
I dropped the glucose levels very fast and it effected my eyes for about 5 weeks.I went back to the Dr about the eyes and she said that she normally only sees that issue is when people start insulin.She then checked my glucose and it was 90.The Dr also left and brought another were amazed how 4 weeks that with no meds,diet and exercise that it changed that drastically.I test 2x a day waking I’m normally around 96-102
My spike 1-2 hrs after meals is only 120-125 area.My next A1c is due in November,hoping for mid 5s.Im still losing weight but trying still about 25lb overweight.I feel great,but It took a big life style change.


Welcome, Steve. That is an interesting story. Good luck to you. Nancy50