Newly pregnant, sick with bronchitis, panicking about highs: am I over-reacting?

I’m at 5 weeks and I’m freaking out. I’ve been sick for the past few days and keep having highs that are taking over an hour to come back down.

Am I panicking over nothing or is there something to be concerned about here? How long do highs have to be sustained to do damage?

Update: I do all my own insulin adjustments. I raised my rates to 175% and doubled my boluses and got everything back down as of yesterday. Xdrip+ is giving me an estimated a1c of 5.4 for yesterday and 5.0 for today so far. I would still really like to know how long highs have to be sustained to cause damage. Is a 5 minute peak in the high 100’s before it falls back to normal range going to affect a fetus or is that just a blip that it won’t even really register? Anyone have this information?

Sorry you aren’t feeling well. And congrats on the pregnancy. I am not a type 1, but just want to say set up your team for this pregnancy. I believe having people we can get support from is so important. I wish you well, feel better soon. Nancy50

Thank you for the well wishes. Even though you’re not type 1, have you had any spikes in a pregnancy and things turned out ok?

No,I am almost 67 ,had 3 pregnancies in my 20’s. I showed no signs of diabetes until I was 42., not even while pregnant. But saying that I understand your feelings, we as Moms worry. I hope someone younger will respond to support you. The technology today is much better now. I have 8 young grandchildren, youngest 1. Everyone showed us ultrasounds. Take care.

Nancy Matulis

Thank you for responding and for the support, anyway! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think all @Dave44 meant was since you are having issues trying to control your Bg’s and not being successful, that to call your doctor to see if they have any suggestions that might help addressing the problem.

Pregnancy adds on a whole layer of other issues, sickness can be really hard enough to control Bg’s and what happens with me is usually I have to take so much more and then all of a sudden it works and I will plummet. When I reach that point who knows? I have a Dexcom now so it will be easier in the future hopefully!

But I think a doctor might be able to tell you what level is safer for your pregnancy or what you need to aim for while pregnant. They want you to stay safe, but too high isn’t good either. If you know you can control it maybe you can call and try to find out what levels are considered “safe” while you are pregnant? Explain the spiking and maybe they can tell you

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Do you see a specialist ?

Are you being seen by a gestational diabetes specialist (usually in the Maternal Fetal Medicine department)? I had GD in my pregnancy and I was seen by one throughout the pregnancy (I was prediabetic before pregnancy so I sought help early on) and that was great. They should be able to tell you what numbers to attain during pregnancy and what’s risky.

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Dear Bunnii;

Please speak with your Endocrinologist and a dietician NOW.

Ask the Endo for a script/referral that includes both "Intensive Diabetes Management Training, as well as Intensive Insulin Management. This can be a great help. The hormones going thru your system are affecting so much.

Walking is a good basic exercise to help all of us able, to manage blood sugars and stay well.

Read, read, read RELIABLE sites.

Take care, LM

Hi Vinnetta, I am in a similar boat as you. Did you end up getting a pump and GCM? how did you end up controlling your blood sugars? im 5 weeks pregnant A1C was 5.7, but now my fastings are up to 125 and 160 after 1 hr meals. I just started levemir insulin last night 14 units. I feel SO defeated and don’t know how I’m going to make it through or what will happen.

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i have a a huge team including a maternal fetal medicine doctor specializing in diabetes and my endo and my fertility doctors because I have hypopituitarism as well. I’m well covered.


My a1c was the same at conception. I have used a cgm and have been on a pump since I was 12 and have always adjusted my own rates and ratios. It sounds like you’re just starting insulin. Is that accurate? If you’re not used to making the adjustments yourself or if you’re only on a long-acting insulin, you might want to consider asking about a short-acting meal-time insulin.

125 for after meals for me is pretty stellar. I prefer it to stay steadily closer to 100 but if every meal only spiked that high, I’d be throwing myself a success party! (This is just for perspective, not to invalidate your worries.) It’s pretty typical for me to peak at 160 before it comes back down post-meal. It actually sounds to me like your control is ok but definitely call your doctor if you’re worried. Also, remember that it’s not an exact science and you will be able to get it under control as long as you keep trying! Don’t give up, you’ve got this!


I run for an hour every day and walk the dogs for a half hour twice a day. I think I’m covered, but thanks!

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Yes just started it last night, and its long-acting insulin. I plan to give all my numbers to my endo tommorrow after 2 nights at this dose and see what happens and then she will up the dose.

Thank you, i feel like i went from barely pre diabetic to full blown in under a week. Also thank you so much for your confidence i hope to get there soon. Also i plan to eat lower carb again and stop when im full instead of forcing myself to eat more to meet carb numbers (which i still can’t).

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It also seems like those numbers aren’t bad at all and definitely 2 days of numbers like that are likely just fine, especially if your fasting numbers are lower.
I think your idea just eating what is comfortable instead of trying to reach a carb count makes a lot of sense given that you’re only on a long acting insulin. If you start to drop too far you can definitely take some quick glucose. For me, I would rather treat a low with some honey (if you don’t know to do this already, make sure you have something for lows on hand at all times since you’re on insulin now!) than have highs that are long lasting. This is probably not the safest mentality for most people but I know my body and how I respond really well - I’ve been doing this myself for a quarter century!

Also, the best unsolicited advice I can give: Don’t forget to breathe! You’d be astounded how many people forget to just breathe!

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I had my babies over 20 years ago and I like you panicked with every high. But keep in mind my A1C’s were not nearly as tight as yours are and my two babies were perfect and both under 8 pounds.
A high blood sugar is not a huge deal, it is really prolonged highs that are an issue.
I do believe an appointment with your doctor and CDE is in order to find out what your treatment plan should be for those excursions out of range. They are your medical team and you should never feel like you are a burden calling them. That is their job to be there when you have questions or issues!
Congratulations and the pregnancy and good luck! It was a lot of work but we’ll work all that hard work! You’ve got this! Keep us posted as my go ago!


That is very reassuring. I’m less concerned about the size (though I understand large size due to high sugars = increased risks) and more about the development of the neural tube and major organ systems at this point.

Do you happen to know what qualifies as a sustained high? It seems weird that this information does not seem to exist anywhere! I can imagine people not wanting to encourage people to allow highs at all but that information would really help a lot of expectant mothers relax which also helps with blood sugar control! I don’t think it’s appropriate to call an on-call doctor after hours to ask that question because regardless of the answer, what I do in response to a high does not change (get it down!) It would definitely be an abuse of the on-call line to call just to ask that!

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ohh my mornings are the worst when i was doing it my way 100-105, but when i do it my Endo’s way and CDE its up to 125! im going back to eating my way and will use insulin and see how that goes. I saw your comment on what is prolonged and agree is it days is it weeks? all i am thinking is i am doing my best and really that’s all i can do. and you are too ive had other weird medical issues and sometimes its trial and error and to keep on keeping on.

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I’m glad you’re reminding yourself that you’re doing your best because that’s literally all any of us can do.

I don’t consider my blood sugar elevated until it’s over 130 (and that’s only while pregnant, high used to be 150+ for me)…so if it’s any consolation, if you were type 1, your mornings would be considered good, even at 125! Obviously room for improvement but hopefully that will ease your mind a little!

I think we could all use more reassurance and less criticism because we get a LOT of the criticisms and warnings of danger and very little reassurance. My MFM doctor was really good about that when I had my consult with him. It’s way easier to be motivated to do even better when the things you are doing well RIGHT NOW are recognized (research shows that!) I think you’re doing everything right - you’re talking to your doctor, adjusting your diet and monitoring!

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I didn’t get a pump or cgm. I was only given a bolus insulin because my fasting bg was good (strangely better than pre-pregnancy) but my post meal was not. I ended up continuing to see my endocrinologist AND MFM diabetes specialist throughout my pregnancy. My endo had a pretty strict goal of < 90 for fasting and < 130 1-hr post meal but the MFM doctors were a little more lax than that. They set < 140 as my target, but occasional 180 or so was okay as long as I didn’t make a habit of it. I remember being told to contact the clinic if I hit over 200 several meals in a row (assuming I’m sticking to my controlled diet) because then they would need to figure out what is going on and adjust medication if necessary. Good luck and as daunting as it is, you can do it!

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