Newly Pregnant with Type 1, curious about when screenings will be done?

So happy to finally get to join this group! I have been Type 1 for 26 years and am pregnant with my first! I wear an Omnipod and Dexcom and have been closely monitored by my Endo since I first got on my pump and CGM last year when my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying. My A1C at conception was 6.5 and I was all over the place (correcting highs very quickly), the first two weeks after finding out I was pregnant, but bloodsugars seem to finally be a little more steady. I am 6 weeks, 4 days today and go in for my first ultrasound on Friday.

So of course I'm terrified of defects and am curious at what point in my pregnancy I will have the screenings? And are any of them blood tests or will they all be through ultrasounds? Any advice would be great!


Almost all of us have crazy blood sugars the first couple weeks when the hormones start rising. Often that is the sign that we are pregnant. Every woman is a bit different, but for me I rather struggled with highs until week 9, then lows weeks 9-20, highs weeks 20-33, lows weeks 33-38.

I conceived with the same A1c for my son (who is a healthy 3 year old) and conceived with a higher one now, but very quickly got it under 6.5. I never managed to have an A1c under 6, but hung out right above there so far for both pregnancies.

For me (but I live in Hungary), I had anatomical ultrasounds in weeks 12 and 18. For my first pregnancy, every high (even border line highs) caused me to panic. Now the second time around, I am slight less panicked. Of course we need to avoid highs, but really the danger is sustained highs, which someone with your level of diligence will mostly be able to avoid.

hi and congratulations on your excellent news.

I am T1 for almost seven years. I was dxed in my first pregnancy as T1, believe it or not. Failed the glucose tolerance test with a fasting at 337. Age 38 and what a shock! When I was diagnosed, my A1c was over 7. I knew very little about T1 back then, but from the look on my OBs face, I knew it was not good to have an A1c that high with no idea how high it had been throughout the 28 weeks I had been pregnant up to that diagnosis. Your control was good prior to conception, so that is GREAT! My baby boy was full term and big, but healthy. I went on to have twins three years later, at the age of 41. I was on omnipod and my A1c was 5.2-5.6 through the entire twin pregnancy. The twins were STILL large Twin A 7lb8oz and Twin B 6lb13oz. Huge for twins. That is how it goes with diabetes, even with a well controlled A1c.

You will have US and also the baby(ies) should undergo a fetal echocardiogram at the time of one of the Level 2 ultrasounds to rule out heart defects. A pediatric cardiologist performed all three of my babies' heart scans when I was pregnant.

One of the twins (the biggest) had some mild respiratory issues at birth). I was told that this is not unusual with maternal diabetes.

All will be well. If you have questions for me, feel free to email me directly at