Newsletter #7 feedback

I would love to hear any feedback you may have about our most recent newsletter, sent earlier this week.

What did you like? Ideas on how to make it better? Things you would like to see done differently?

In case you missed it or you hadn’t joined the community at the time the newsletter was sent, I am attaching a PDF of issue #7 below.

You can also take a look at past newsletter issues in our Newsletter Archive.
7742-TuDiabetes.comMonthlyNewsletterIssue7.pdf (235 KB)

Hi Manny,
One of the things I liked especailly was the Volunteer Opportunities listing and videos. I thought they were excellent. I also like the continued listing of forums and blogs and videos that are really interesting. Also the information listed along the right hand side is very neat and very good. I like the sharper image of the newsletter. The poetry contest is clearly visible and the personal story is clearly available. I think you did an excellent job. Well done !!!