NFL Players Debut "Team Tackle" on Capitol Hill to Fight Diabetes

from The Washington Post, April 7, 2016

Celebs: About 30 current and former pro football players, including Mike Golic, a former NFLer who’s now an ESPN radio host and commentator, New England Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower, and free agent Lorenzo Alexander, each of whom has been touched by diabetes: Golic suffers from type 2, and Hightower and Alexander have close family members diagnosed with the disease.

Cause: The launch of the American Diabetes Association’s Team Tackle, a groupNFL players and vets that will push for diabetes awareness and research.

Scene: A room in the Capitol Visitor Center where the players, senators another advocates talked before fanning out for a day of meetings with members of Congress. One giveaway that this wasn’t your average cabal of lobbyists? Those hulking frames beneath the elegant suits.

Soundbite(s): Golic contrasted how his father, who also had diabetes, hid it from his family, whereas he’s chosen to share his treatments with his kids and the public. “That’s why I want to fight so hard on this … everybody needs the education,” he said.

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Oh dear, perhaps they should all lose weight and exercise a bit more then their diabetes would go away ! (Very tongue in cheek)