Nigella sativa

Hi everyone,
Has anyone ever tried the herb Nigella sativa (Black seed) to control blood sugar?


I am living in Dubai and came to know about the health benefits of Black Cumin Seed.
It is said to be very effective against a number of general health issues and most commonly used for inflammation.

In addition to Black Seed, I have heard a lot about Frankinsense - Olibanum from Oman.
Both have promising benefits for Diabetics. I don't know if it would lower BSs , but I found a lot of scientific scripts talking about reduction of inflammation, blood pressure, cholesterol etc...

I am starting both and will send you an update soon.

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I have seen it anecdotally talked about mostly for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. However, I don't know that there are any scientific studies on it. You might check NCCAM at NIH. I don't have time right now but that is the Nat'l Cnter for Complementary & Alternative Medicine at
I read that it can have undesirable GI effects (diarrhea) in larger doses!

Black seed is very good stuff for many diseases,for my sugar I take Gymnema Sylvestre,i have been researching for years this is the best thing I have found for diabeties,look it up it stop sugar cravings,reduces sugar,much more,spread the word to other diabetics

I have found zero reliable scientific studies showing the efficacy of "Nigella sativa" for control of blood glucose.

I'm always learning something,my newest experiment that helps is bitter melon