Grape Seeds

Has anyone heard of any published studies on the benefits of grape seeds (and/or grape skins) for persons with diabetes?

This probably has absolutely nothing to do with what you are after here. But i use grape seed oil or almond oil for my skin after a bath or shower. I buy one bottle of the pure product for each and usually start with the grape seed oil and use it until it is gone and then start on the almond oil. I use a littler refillable pump sprayer and then massage it into my skin well. I can’t remember where i read that both are very good for the skin fior diabetics and others with skin care needs. I wanted to make sure that my skin did not break down or split with the edema I have so often. It works great.
Sorry i don’t have the answer you are looking for.

Last I heard, grapeseed is a good overall antioxidant supplement. I’ve been taking it about 3-4 years.

Almond oil is great for removing eye make up, no burn or film left in the eye like over the counter products do.washes off clean, i also use it in bath oils as well as rubbing it in. mix it with an essential oil for a little lite scent.

Hey Glucoholic… someone who makes their living in the supplement industry gave me some info on supplements specific to diabetics. These are the references given for the benefits of Grape Seed Extract:

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Elaine, do you know if there is a link for the Delacroix article? I’m interested in pursuing it further for personal reasons, but can’t seem to find the journal via either Google or Yahoo searches

The resourses were for a brochure by Gene Bruno for Fifty-Ninth Street Bridge Publishing Corp. titled Intelligent Supplementation. Maybe you can follow up that way.

Interesting… every supplement company trying to push grapeseed references this article, there are only two or three articles from this journnal cited anywhere on the Web (90% of the references for this article). The nearest journal I can find is “Medecine Therepeutique”, which is archived back only to 1997…

Makes you wonder how we have been influenced…