Night Scout vs. Dexcom Share

My son is 10 years old and has been on Dexcom since he was 7. I am looking into getting CGM in the Cloud known as NightScout or Dexcom Share. My son is very active he is in several sports and clubs so I need something where I can monitor his blood sugar when I'm not around him. I'm not sure which would be better for us Night Scout or Dexcom Share. I have heard people say that Night Scout is better. So what are some things you like about Dexcom Share? and What are some things you like about NightScout? Are there many differences? Thank you all so much for the help I am really torn here.

I believe that Dexcom Share requires the unit to be docked, which would make it only suitable for use while within range of that dock.

Nightscout is available for both Android and iPhones
Nightscout is a home-brew, whereas Share is a preassembled unit
Nightscout is cheaper, if you are paying out of pocket, but labor-intensive to set up.
If you are not already on the CGM in the Cloud group at Facebook, join them and see the hassles, and the joys.

I also have a super active 10 year old son. He plays football, baseball, wrestles and is involved in other school activities. We have been using Dexcom since April and have been running Nightscout since September. I have no personal experience with Dexcom share but it is my understanding that it is $299 (not covered by insurance), can only be used with an iphone or ipod, and required the Dexcom to be docked. For those 3 reasons alone I wouldn't even consider it, even if we didn't have Nightscout.

As for Nightscout - the Dexcom receiver has to be connected to an android phone in order for it to work but the information can be viewed by the caregiver (one or multiple) via iphone, android phone, computer, pebble watch. So for my son we have the "rig" (Dexcom receiver connected via OTG cable to a dedicated android phone which serves as the uploader). As long as the "rig" is within range of the Dexcom transmitter the uploader phone will transmit the information to the cloud and back to my computer or phone. It is portable and I can see his numbers while he is at school and I'm at work, while he's on the football field and I'm on the sidelines, while he's in the wrestling room and I'm at home or the gym and my husband watches the numbers while he works nights and I try to sleep.

I LOVE Nightscout and I believe it's going to make a difference in our A1C.

Yes, it's a "home brew" designed by a talented group of dedicated parents who want to make life better for their own T1Ds. There's an awesome facebook group that you should check out - answers and support are available 24/7. You can go to and read the setup instructions to see what you are in for. Honestly - if you can be uninterrupted and you can follow directions - set up should take less than 2 hours. Instructions are very detailed and there are Youtube videos to walk you through step by step.

I'm happy to answer any questions that I can. I'm not one of the developers - just a very greatful user who wants to pay it forward any way I can.

night scout can be set up for a bout $100 for a basic rig, and can be cheaper if you ebay for components. It uses a dedicated andriod phone for the uploader and can be viwewed on any type of phone or tablet and can be used to bluetooth numbers to a pebble watch. it is portable and can be used on either wifi only or on a data plan only. If your in a Sprint network area you can get a very inexpensive data plan through Ting.($6 for the line and $3 for the typical data use) and Ting is currently giving a credit for nighscout users.

Share is $299 just for the dock, needs to be pluged into the wall (has been run on powerpacks). But needs a dedicated apple devise to use as uploader, and only talks to apple devices. It has all the problems of nightscout plus it costs more. But it appearson the surface to be a bit more user plug and try to play where night scout needs to be home built.

im 60+ and have been able to follow the nightscout instructions and youtube videos to go live with a wifi at home reg and a Ting data only rig when Im out. Use one while the opther is charging. Total cost to me at this point for two basic rigs was about $200. I found two moto Gs for about $45 each and a pebble watch for $60 on ebay but YMMV.

Check out the CGM in the Cloud FB group they are awsome and will help anyone work their way through the build and any problems that may crop up.

So they stash a Dexcom and phone in their sports gear while on the field? Sounds very cumbersome.

NO - the Dexcom receiver stays on the sideline with the coach (or my husband if he's running chains) and I monitor on my Pebble watch. If I see he's dropping I will tell them to have him drink some Gatorade at next time out. We will check during half time if the Dex indicates a need. When he's playing baseball we can usually get the signal in the stands while he's catching or running bases. If he's playing in the outfield we may lose signal but I try not to stress about it because it will come back as soon as he's in range. When he's wrestling the rig just sits on the table in the mat room. When he's at school the rig usually stays in his backpack (he also has a Pebble) or sits on/in his desk. I don't make him take it out to recess with him - he's just supposed to make sure he's got a good number before heading out.

Leslie - is your son already using the Dexcom CGM?

Our school nurse also has access to his website and watches him throughout the day and we communicate via e-mail.

Great information. In your experience, how far away from the rig can he be and still get a signal?