Does anyone have experience with the Nightscout? Was it good or bad?

Here is the website:

here are some discussions

There is a large Facebook group devoted to Nightscout. Many parents are using it with fabulous results. Some Adult T1’s are also using it. I personally do not need it and have avoided spending the money to appease my inner geekness. You need to buy a dedicated Andoird phone with a data plan, various cords, and a Pebble watch. The Nightscout group is fabulous about helping you get set up if you have problems.

Dexcom has come out with a Share receiver that will send the data to an iPhone without the use of the Share cradle. The next Dexcom G5 mobile system will transmit directly to iPhones without the need for a receiver.

Nightscout (#we are not waiting) is probably responsible for the speedy release by Dexcom of its newer technology. If it were me, I wouldn’t invest in the equipment for Nightscout, but would upgrade to the Dexcom Share receiver.

I've been looking for someone who I could ask this very question to. I don't know what the use is for adults, but maybe someone will know. Complaints are that there's a weak link in the Dexcom hardware, the USB port is weak, so some peeps say Dexcom voids your warranty if you use night scout and it breaks. But, there's some debate about that. If you try it, I would just not offer up too much info to Dexcom if there's a failure. Play dumb. Less is more when talking to tech support.

I use it and love it! It is sooo much easier for me to glance at my watch, rather than finding my dexcom in my purse - or finding it on my belt under my clothes. If I am distracted - shopping, driving, etc. - I can see the trend on my watch. It has really saved me from lows.

Hi, Hanna T.

My son, age 12, has been using Nightscout since September. It's been very useful for us. We're also very much looking forward to getting a new Dexcom receiver in March, as soon as it's available, which we expect to replace the Nightscout setup we've been using. It will not be as feature-rich, as Nightscout, but will eliminate the need for Caleb to carry an extra receiver and an extra, dedicated uploader phone.

The Facebook group is a great place for information and user commentary, as suggested by Laddie.

I'm having a great experience with Nightscout.

As the T1D, it is the Pebble watch that I could not do without. Having the glanceable display has made driving & being out and about less stressful.

Example. Tuesday I spent the day at the hospital sitting with family while my uncle had major heart surgery. I was able to just glance down at my watch to keep an eye on my number (I was running in the high 70s). When I knew it was coming up time to leave, I grabbed a snack & waited til my number came up to the 110s. Confirmed with a finger stick & I was good to go for the 45min drive home.

The system is a bit to setup & it is extra to carry, but it has made diabetes less intrusive for me.