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Announced today that the much anticipated DexCom Share has been FDA approved, does not require a prescription, will begin shipping on October 22nd, but is not covered by insurance. Cost is $299

You can read the full news release here: MarketWatch

More from DexCom here: DexCom Share

More directly quoted from the dexcom website:

"Through secure wireless connections, Dexcom SHARE allows remote viewing of glucose levels, trends and data between the person with diabetes and their spouse, grandparent or other loved ones from an Apple iPhone® or iPod Touch® .

Sharing is caring, so whether you’re in college, you live in another state, or you’re going on a business trip, Dexcom SHARE is there to keep you and your loved ones connected and informed.

Things you need to use Dexcom SHARE:

  1. iPhone (4S or later) or iPod Touch (5th generation or later) with the Dexcom Share App. (You can download the app at no charge from the Apple App Store.)
  2. Dexcom G4 Platinum Receiver placed in the Dexcom SHARE Cradle (kept within 20 feet from the transmitter)
  3. The Dexcom SHARE Cradle must be plugged into an electrical outlet and must be within [range] to connect to the iPhone’s Bluetooth.
  4. Internet service (Wi-Fi or cellular) where you plan to put the Dexcom SHARE Cradle.
  5. Followers that have an iPhone (4 or later) or iPod Touch (5th generation or later), so they can follow you. (They will have to download the Dexcom Follow app at no charge from the Apple App Store.)

Other things to Note:

  • Service terms and conditions are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated with a 30 Day notice.
  • Only purchase one Dexcom SHARE Cradle per Dexcom G4 Platinum Receiver. We discourage purchasing multiple systems for different locations, as you would have to un-pair and re-pair your Dexcom G4 Platinum Receiver to each cradle when switching.
  • No prescription is required for the Dexcom SHARE Cradle.
  • The Dexcom SHARE is not covered by insurance.
  • The Dexcom SHARE System is currently not available for the Android platform.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee."

I like this but would have liked more if they tried to run their software on a Mac so that I can see my results on my home computer and not go to visit my son to run it on his windows 8 platform . Not sure I will us the share but I’m sure it will be most helpful to many young children and elderly parents. Nice work dexcom !

Very disappointing that Dexcom is ignoring the Android users of the world.

Android is too virus ridden. I'd never put personal info on any Android device. Plus it's cloud based, so I assume you could use any browser on any device/OS.

A little disappointing, as it's not a setup for full control of the Dexcom via smartphone but at least a move in the right direction. I guess full control would require a different hardware configuration for the receiver and/or transmitter.

I don't see anything about a requirement for Windows... Since it's cloud based, the OS used on shouldn't matter.

This is amazing news! My 3 year old is Type 1 with a DexCom and T:Slimp pump. This will will allow me ease and peace of mind when he is not in my care.

I'm very excited about this, but will likely not have a use for this until my 12-year-old goes away to college in 6 or so years.

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I just talked with a Dex rep, to verify that my G4 from last year would work, and forgot to ask a silly question.
I plan to buy an iPhone (been planning it for 2 years) in the next few weeks and do want to get this because I have a Mac computer and can't get printouts from my dex.

However, I have no "follower" that I want to name except myself!! My endo office is probably not set up for this and I want it for myself only.

Would that be a problem, if you only want it sent to your own iPhone?

I did complain about the price but the guy said they already reduced it from $399 to 299 and not likely to reduce it again in the near future. I told him I did not know how many sales they would have! But with the new privacy features of the iPhone (I hope they are real), I really do need something like this.

Has anyone here tried it yet?

No, because I don't need it. I set up the 'nightscout' project so I can see my blood sugar on my pebble phone. It shows on a Web site so it would be accessible on my Iphone. My husband can check my BG on the Web but the reason I did it was to give myself 1 more tool. I wear my Dexcom when I am at home, but when I leave the house, I throw it at the bottom of my purse and 'forget about it' and focus on other things. nightscout CGM in the Cloud Facebook Group

Can any member of that group see your BG numbers? Just curious. I don't like to post my numbers on public access sites.

Yes, anyone that logs onto that page/URL can see it. I used the providers/Web site set up in the Nightscout directions so it would all be free. Web site pages can be password protected, but since I used the free stuff, I didn't try to password protect it. I also didn't give the URL out to anyone but my husband, because I didn't want other members of my family - who are unfamiliar with Type 1 - policing my numbers. :-) I don't know how easy a Google search would find it if someone didn't know the URL. Probably not easy. I named the page.

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Nell - I may be reading your question a little differently than nevada did. I just want to clarify. When you say "any member of that group" I read that to mean any one of the 8,000 Facebook members of CGM in the Cloud.

As nevada stated, anyone can access the website you create, however, they need to have the specific URL that you define. So being a member of that Facebook group gives you no greater access to the website than any other person on the planet.

So although access to the site is not password protected, someone would need to know your url which could be a string like a password with capitals, lower case, numbers, etc. to make it difficult to figure out your website. I don't know who would go to that trouble and what interest they would have with a stranger's bg graph. :)