Night Scout

I've been seeing a lot of people using Night Scout and talking about it within the community. I think it looks like a very valuable tool and something that would be very helpful in the managing of my sons diabetes. However he is only 8 years old and in 3rd. grade and I'm not sure if it would be to much of a burden for him to have to wear the pebble watch and carry the whole rig with him. He already has a bag with him where he keeps his PDM and Dexcom receiver along with treatments for lows. It just seems like it would be a lot to have to carry the whole rig with him when he goes to Gym and Recess. Most of the people I saw using Night Scout have kids that are in 5th. grade or older. I'm looking for feedback from any parents that are using Night Scout. Is anyone hear using Night Scout with younger kids?

Hi, Jennifer.

I know several younger kids using the NightScout set up at school. Laura and Nate. Hallie and her daughter.

There are many others.

My son is one of the middle schoolers. I did not start using NightScout sooner bc of the bulk of using the system. It's turned out to be not too bad. Certainly lighter would be better, but it's manageable. We started with a certain Rig setup using a Grid-It. Now we're using a 3D case specifically developed for the Rig using a Moto G which is the most compact set up I've seen. The watch is unnecessary. I don't think I would use when Caleb was younger. It makes sense for him now because he is the primary one managing his diabetes. Here is the rig that we are currently using. When Caleb was younger, we used a cinch sack that went wherever he went. It had his PDM, strips, poker and some carbs. This was the responsibility of the teacher (not Caleb) to bring around the school and there was a hook in his classroom where it was maintained while in the room. I would have put the rig in there and I definitely would have used it. I think the application for a younger student is even more significant than for Caleb today as a middle schooler.

Thank you so much Lorraine this really helps a lot. We are going to be starting Night Scout very soon. I'm going to have a meeting with the school nurse and teacher about it this week. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we will be up and running. I love the idea of putting it on a hook in the classroom I'm definitely going to look into that. Thanks so much for your response this was very helpful :)

Cool. Let me know if you think I can answer any other questions.